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Category: Rehabilitation
Facility: Erie County Medical Center Corporation
Department: Home Health Service - Administration
Schedule: Per Diem
Shift: Day Shift
Hours: may include weekends & holidays
Job Details:

POSITION TITLE- Speech/Language Pathologist – Related Service Contractor   

DEPARTMENT- Rehab Home Health – P.E.D.S.

DATE OF ISSUE- 11/98  


Speech/Language Pathologist – Related Service Contractor is a direct provider of speech and language therapy services to Early Intervention (EI) and Committee on Preschool Special Education (CPSE) children in Erie County.  S/he administers speech/language treatment of disabilities, according to the Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP) or the Individual Education Plan (IEP).  S/he functions under the direction of the Coordinator of Rehabilitation Services. (Youth)



            Responsible To:        Coordinator of Rehabilitation Services (Youth)


            Supervises:                NA


            Interrelationships:  Children, families, caregivers, childcare providers, 

                                         physicians, supervisor, coworkers, ongoing service

                                        coordinators (EI), CPSE members (PS)



            1)         Education:  Minimum: Master’s degree in Speech/Language



            2)         Experience:  2 years of experience in speech/language therapy

           with an early childhood/preschool (0-5 years) population


            3)         License/Registration: Must possess a current license to practice

                     speech/language therapy issued by the New York State        

                     Department of Education.


            4)         Certification:  New York State Public School Teacher Certificate in

                     Speech and Hearing Handicapped (to provide PS services)


            5)         Other:  Before signing contract:

                        a)  Evidence of immunity to rubella, rubeola; evidence of

                           completion of hepatitis vaccine or a signed declination form.

                        b)  Copy of Social Security Card

                        c)  Current Professional License

                        d)  Current resume

                        e)  Official transcript

                        f)   U.S. Department of Justice Eligibility Verification Form

           g)  Current Drivers’ License

                        h)  State Central Register Database Clearance

                        i)  W9

                        j)  Release of Information forms signed and notarized for

                         Background Check

                        k)  Individual DOH Approval to provide EI services

                        l)  Three relevant professional/personal references

                        m) Drug Testing

                        o)  Sign Business Associate Agreement


            6)         Other:  Before signing contract and annually thereafter:

                      a)  Current registration certificate (of professional license) from the 

                           New York State Education Department

                        b)  Current professional liability insurance (at least


                        c)  Health assessment including PPD within past 12 months

                        d) Evidence of continuing education within the last 12 months.


7)         Exceptions:    PPD if therapist is pregnant or breast feeding.

                                    MMR if therapist is pregnant or breast feeding.                         


The position of Speech/Language Pathology-Related Service Contractor interacts primarily with children and their families/caregivers, child care providers, school districts, and community agencies. Needs to demonstrate courteous and respectful communication skills, acknowledging children’s age-specific and cultural/religious needs.  Needs to demonstrate good teaching skills and ability to motivate child and/or caregiver.  In addition, maintains positive and professional interpersonal relations with supervisors, coworkers, and child care staff, school districts, and community agencies as evidenced by positive commendations and/or lack of complaints.


1.      Makes appropriate contacts with parents/caregivers, school districts, ongoing service coordinators, child care providers, and community agencies

2.      Documents the results and recommendations of his/her assessment(s). When indicated, participates in establishing, in collaboration with EI/CPSE team, an IFSP/IEP based on evaluation findings, and establishes short- and long-term goals which are congruent with child’s needs.

3.      Maintains communication with the parents/caregivers, child care providers, ongoing service coordinator, Coordinator, and other disciplines involved with the child.

5.  Integrates therapy plan into the total IFSP/IEP.

6.      Possesses an understanding of interdisciplinary care and makes referrals for assessment by other disciplines when appropriate.

7.      Maintains accurate documentation of child’s treatment and progress, conferences, and telephone calls.

8.      Conferences regularly with the parents/caregivers, service coordinator and other disciplines involved with the child.

9.      Participates in mandatory departmental meetings.


Is able to work independently and problem-solve on the job.  Is able to schedule children to meet IFSP/IEP mandates and to manage time effectively. Is able to utilize professional judgment in an unsupervised setting and to seek guidance when necessary.  Is able to recognize harmful situations and to act accordingly. Wears proper attire, including wearing ID badge at all visits.


Assessment- Evaluates the strengths and needs of a child in his/her home or child care center, within the scope of practice, on at least an annual basis, as requested by EI/CPSE.

1.      At the initial visit, compares his/her clinical observations to the initial


2.  Provides a comprehensive assessment of child in the service environment

     and documents according to established procedures.

2.      Assesses strengths and needs according to established procedures.



1.      Interprets evaluation results considering the child’s diagnosis, developmental

     and/or educational needs, and age.

2.      Addresses goals and objectives/ outcomes, considering the child's cultural

     background, gender, values, and socioeconomic level, and documents 

     according to established procedure.

3.      Plans for discharge with parents/caregivers, childcare provider, ongoing service coordinator, Coordinator, and other disciplines and documents according to established procedures.



1.      Contacts parent/caregiver or childcare provider and initiates treatment according to policies.

2.      Performs treatment according to IFSP/IEP and accepted professional standards and practices.

3.      Performs effective therapeutic exercise.

4.      Performs age-appropriate treatment activities.

5.      Performs effective speech treatment including voice and fluency

6.      Performs effective language treatment.

7.      Performs effective dysphagia and oral motor treatment.

8.      Performs effective instruction in augmentative communication methods.

9.      Provides appropriate parent/caregiver, childcare provider training/education.

8.  Submits documentation of visits bimonthly according to Billing/Payroll Schedule.

9.  Maintains an accurate log of time and child visit schedule.



1.  Documents response to therapeutic intervention monthly on Progress Note.

2.  Conducts ongoing assessment of child during each visit, and modifies plan 

     and short term goals/outcomes accordingly. Submits Amendment Form 

     according to Procedure.

3.  Terminates therapy when goals are met, or child no longer meets criteria for

      services, and submits documentation for discharge to Coordinator.


Documentation – Provides adequate documentation in accordance with regulations specified by the New York State Education Department, Erie County Department of Youth Services, and the New York State Department of Health.


Can identify the basic elements of the Performance Improvement Program.  Attends mandatory inservice and reorientation programs.  Participates in inservice and continuing education programs annually to maintain and improve professional skills.  Participates in departmental meetings, and, when requested, in utilization review, audit, and research.  Recognizes harmful situations and acts accordingly.


Are there any particular working conditions associated with this position that should be noted (i.e., working environment, hours of work, travel, work space, etc.)?  Yes_XX_   No_____ If yes, Must provide own transportation to child's home or service site.  Must be able to work in all kinds of environments (children’s homes, child care centers).  May come in contact with communicable diseases and/or blood and body fluids.



1.  Strength – Medium Work

     a.  Standing_20-40_% of time


          Walking__20-40__%  of time


          Sitting__30-50__%  of time


      b.  Lifting_<50__lbs. occasionally

          and/or _<20 lbs. frequently







Traveling to children’s homes, child care settings.


Assessing and administering treatments.

Completing documentation.


Assisting children to stand, transfer, move about in environment.  Lifting equipment in/out of car.

Carry equipment into homes or child care settings.


Push wheelchairs. 


2.  Climbing    XX


       Balancing  XX

Ability to climb stairs as needed to enter/exit child’s residence or child care setting

3.  Stooping    XX


       Kneeling    XX


       Crouching  XX



Provision of speech therapy activities in all situations.

4. Reaching  XX


    Handling  XX

Maneuvering equipment in/out of car. Assisting children with exercises, mobility. Adjusting equipment.

5.  Seeing  XX


       Depth Perception


       Color Vision     

Evaluate and administer treatment to children.  Assess environment for safety and accessibility/mobility.

6. Speaking  XX


     Hearing    XX

Impart information and instructions to children, parents/caregivers, child care providers.

Receive information and questions from children, parents/caregivers, child care providers.

Communicate with other disciplines, Coordinators, and members of the IFSP/IEP team.




XX Neonate:  Birth to 1 month


XX Infants:  >1 month to 1 year


XX Toddlers:  >1 year to 2 years


XX Pediatric:  >2 years to 12 years   (>2 years to 5 years)


 Adolescent:  >12 to 17 years


 Adult:  >17 years to 64 years


 Geriatric:  >65 years


  All age groups


  No patient contact

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