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Now Through October 16, 2020

As care demands surge, some healthcare organizations are struggling to maintain the appropriate staffing levels needed to ensure a safe environment for healthcare personnel, patients, residents, and visitors.

Now through October 16, 2020, HealthcareSource is offering complimentary standard job postings on our healthcare-specific job board to help increase awareness about your open positions in a community of qualified healthcare professionals and mitigate your organization’s current and/or anticipated staffing shortages.

Promote your organization’s open positions for free, using professional, attractive, online job advertisements. Standard job postings appear in the job search results for 30 days.

Job postings often provide candidates a first impression of your organization. The messages you convey can persuade or deter talent from applying. So, entice candidates to apply to your organization by providing them information that is specific to their interests and needs.


Simply register or log into your employer account on HealthcareSource Job Board. Then, on the site’s pricing page, add your desired quantity of free job postings to your cart. The “purchase” will be automatic, so you can start posting your open position(s) to a community of qualified healthcare professionals in a matter of seconds.

NOTE: If your organization uses HealthcareSource Position Manager or HealthcareSource Hiring System, your active jobs are automatically broadcasted to and stay on HealthcareSource Job Board as standard job postings — at no additional cost — until they are filled.

Free, standard job postings will expire automatically after 30 days.

You can “purchase” up to 25 job postings at a time. There is currently no limit to the number of “purchases” you can make.

Right now, HealthcareSource is only offering complimentary standard job postings to our site. That said, adding your logo to a job posting is a great way to provide candidates a glimpse into your organization’s image. And elevating the visibility of your postings by sponsoring or featuring them will certainly help with exposure. That’s why branded, sponsored, and featured job postings can all be purchased from the same page you’ll use to request free, standard job postings.

Yes. HealthcareSource is here to help you tackle what must seem like an impossible task: hiring through and beyond COVID-19. Read our article and watch our webinar for advice on “Hiring in A Time of Crisis”.

You can also visit our Coronavirus Resource Center at for additional materials to help you navigate through the pandemic.

Our healthcare-specific job board helps you achieve greater market awareness, attract qualified candidates, fill staffing vacancies quickly, and minimize overtime and agency costs. Learn more here.