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Worker I
Department: Food Services-E
Schedule: Per Diem/Casual
Shift: Evening
Job Details:

Varied hours and days, per diem status, will be scheduled as needed, East Campus.

Position Title: Food & Nutrition Services Worker I
Department: Food & Nutrition Services

Purpose: Assists in assembling patient meals and nourishments, delivery and retrieval to/from nursing units.  Performs basic to advanced sanitation.  Completes basic food preparation and services.

Report To: Supervisor/Manager

Supervisory Responsibility: No Supervision: The job does not require the provision of guidance or supervision to others.  There is no formal responsibility for directing others.

Materials Responsibility: Very Limited. Work requires very limited responsibility for material resources.  Examples of resources could include personal work materials, supplies or equipment, or very small amounts of cash. The employee has a very limited or indirect amount of control over these resources. Although human error might require the repair or replacement of materials, usually the cost of correcting these errors is minor.  The variety and volume of resources is also very limited.  Problems associated with material resources are very uncomplicated.

Key Relationship: Co-workers/Health System Employees, General Public/Visitors/Volunteers, Patients, Families, and Significant Others.


Education: Less than high school graduation

Field Of Study: N/A

Special Training: N/A

Licensure/Registration: N/A

Experience: No experience required.

Interpersonal Skills: Interaction is with fellow employees or peers within the immediate work area. Communications with others are generally routine. The need for interpersonal skills is very limited. Interactions usually involve brief, simple exchanges of information. The job requires very basic communication skills and common courtesy.

Physical Demands: Moderate Intensity: Work requires moderate physical exertion.  Forces exerted are equivalent to lifting between 10 and 25 pounds.  Job requirements for manual dexterity or physical manipulation are also moderate.  The need for physical stamina and endurance is of some significance. The degree of physical strain produced on the job is moderately taxing, and is fatiguing.  Work could involve a considerable amount of walking, standing, a confining or tiring work position, or constant periods of sitting in one position where freedom does not exist to walk about.  The position exceeds these moderate intensity demands routinely, 36-70% of the time.

Working Conditions: There is exposure to moderately adverse and undesirable environmental conditions.  There are some health and safety risks. Position may require safety equipment and precautions.  The amount of time the employee may experience these moderate conditions is limited to 70% or less of the work day.

Possible Exposure to Blood Borne Pathogens: Yes


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