HealthcareSource and Fusion Marketing Group have joined forces to provide an outsourced service to begin your own recruitment marketing journey. Like most organizations, your talent acquisition teams are not trained marketers – and an expertise in marketing is needed now more than ever to attract and nurture future talent.

Fusion Marketing Group’s experienced recruitment team uses research-based methodology and our industry-leading recruitment marketing platform to work as an extension of your talent acquisition department. Our services combined will help you build a steady pipeline of applicants for hard-to-fill healthcare disciplines while improving the ROI of recruitment spend.

Build Talent Networks of Candidates

Talent Networks are designed to attract and engage candidates who may not be ready to apply for jobs within your organization. Candidates are asked to complete quick and easy profiles that allow them to express interest in your organization and be kept up to date on job opportunities. 

Email Campaigns That Drive Candidate Engagement

Targeted email campaigns will help you engage potential candidates with your unique brand and messaging. By quickly building a pipeline of candidates for your critical positions through dynamic email sequences that run on behavior-driven, automated logic, you will attract the best candidates – not just those who are immediately available.

Measure Pipeline Engagement  

Custom reporting will help you understand candidate behaviors and the influence of your campaign activity. Through an intuitive interface with actionable data provided by Fusion Marketing Group, your talent acquisition team will understand which channels and messages are performing the best and determine areas of improvement.

Proactive Recruiting

Shift from reactive to proactive recruiting by targeting candidates who are a great fit for your company by building relationships with passive talent for future opportunities.

Target Specific Audiences

Create custom Talent Networks to attract specific audiences based on your hiring needs. Nearly 85% job seekers are willing to submit a resume and join a talent network if it’s quick and easy to do.

Engage Candidates

Enable interested candidates to join your Talent Network in just a few clicks: Move beyond employment branding and into true candidate activation with custom branded emails and graphics.

Expert Advice

Recruiting in healthcare is very different than in corporate settings, and you need a partner who understands that. Partner with healthcare experts to become more effective in your recruitment marketing efforts.


Martin Health System

Jodi Dargan
Manager, Employment Services

All of the recruitment strategies, planning and hard work helped us find candidates that exemplify the Martin Health Way. Knowing we have sufficient staffing to care for our patients gives us all peace of mind. We love you guys!

Healthcare Recruitment Marketing

HealthcareSource Recruitment Marketing Services can help you decrease your time-to-fill and sourcing challenges by engaging candidates and creating job pipelines of qualified clinical professionals.

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