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Bachelors Degree Preferred
This position will provide assistance to Emergency Department and/or other hospital patients who have been identified with a diagnosis of substance use disorder regardless of severity on a one on one basis regarding the 12 step model. Will work with treatment teams to provide encouragement and information for those needing treatment of substance use disorder. Position will contact and share experience, strength and hope, and provide resources for the treatment process for patients who have been identified as having substance use disorder. Participates in admission process when appropriate and refers applicants to other treatment modality and/or facility when patient is not appropriate for admission. Oversees students and residents who matriculate in the program.


  • Prefers Undergraduate Degree, Associate or Bachelor?s in Behavioral Health/Addictions.
  • Prefers 400 hours of direct supervision under the Director of Chronic Pain and Chemical Dependence.
  • Requires knowledge of state and federal laws relative to assigned area.