Office Radiology Technologist PRN

CSSG Orthopedics 643


PRN (<16hrs/week)


Reports to Supervisor/Practice Manager. Overall responsibility for performance of radiologic procedures and examinations under the direction and order of the designated delegating licensed practitioner (MD, NP, PA) to produce radiographic x-ray images, (film, CR, and/or DR), that are used in medical diagnosis to locate injuries, foreign bodies, pathological conditions or lesions within the body. Receive and interpret requests and/or instructions for radiologic procedures; gain the cooperation of patients; operate radiographic equipment; protect patient's staff and environment from secondary radiation. Accurately record and maintain medical records. Maintains and applies knowledge of radiation protection standards and radiation regulations. Demonstrates knowledge of the function of the major divisions of the skeletal system and major organs; and knowledge of the physical concept of energy and the property of X-rays and electric circuits to perform safe, quality diagnostic images and procedures. Evaluates radiographs for technical quality. Exercises professional judgment in the performance of imaging procedures. Provides patient care essential to radiographic procedures. Recognizes patient conditions requiring immediate action. Performs delegated office and non-clinical practice functions accurately (coding, billing, registration ordering etc.). Performs delegated clinical functions under direction and supervision of the practice physician, NP or PA with competence validation.  Application and removal of casts and splints. Assist with office medical/surgical procedures.  Performs other duties as assigned.

Experience, Education and Training Minimum: Current licensure as a Radiologic Technologist by The American Registry of Radiologic Technologist (ARRT) required. Six to 12 months Radiology/Imaging experience preferred.  Knowledge of diagnostic radiology principles and procedures as well as operation and maintenance of radiologic equipment. Interpersonal skills necessary in order to communicate effectively with patients/families, staff and physicians. Analytical skills necessary to determine best method of providing requested radiographs based on the individual case and basic technical principles, ensuring clear undistorted radiographs at the lowest radiation exposure/dosage. Performs delegated clinical functions under direction and supervision of the practice physician, NP or PA with competence validation. CPR Training required and/or must be obtained and maintained within 45 days of hire. Ability to travel.