Cultural/Language Services - Lead

Language Services


General Summary:


The Cultural Language Services - LEAD reports to department leadership and is responsible for the coordination and direction of staff involved in medical interpretation and translation activities. This position provides interpretation and translation services in a linguistically and culturally competent manner.  



Duties and Responsibilities:


·         Coordinates and directs the Language and Cultural Services program for the health system.

·         Oversees curriculum development and provides continuing education for medical interpretation training.

·         Ensures appropriate and timely delivery of interpretation and translation services.

·         Oversees and ensures accurate translation of documents.

·         Serves as a resource to staff on the appropriate assessment of language and cultural concerns.

·         Performs other duties as directed by management. 


Licenses and/or Certifications:


·         Completion of a valid healthcare/ medical interpretation certification required.



Minimum Education and Experience Requirements: 


·         Minimum five years of healthcare/ medical interpretation and translation experience necessary.

·         Demonstrated ability to competently interpret in both clinical and non-clinical settings.

·         Understanding of the cultural implications as they relate to the cultural context of the patients.

·         Professional knowledge of areas of responsibility in order to assist in the planning and implementation of department activities.

·         Interpersonal skills necessary in order to assign work to subordinates.

·         Ability to work as a multidisciplinary team member.