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Schedule: PRN
Shift: Evening Shift
Hours: Evenings and night shifts, weekends when needed
Job Details:
  • High School/GED
  • Ability to understand written and oral instructions
  • The Environmental Services Housekeeping Aide performs a wide range of cleaning duties in all areas of the hospital (including patient rooms, c-section rooms and other clinical areas) using specialized housekeeping equipment and chemicals.   Ensures a clean, safe, and aseptic environment for patients, staff and the public.  Must possess the ability to interact as part of the Environmental Services Team in a positive and constructive manner.

    1.  High School Diploma or equivalent.
    2.  One to three years of prior experience as a Housekeeping Aide preferred.
    3.  Ability to read, write, and speak English required.
    4.  Ability to follow written and oral instructions required.
    5.  Proven ability to be self-motivated as well as establish working relationships with patients, co-workers, and other NWHC staff.
    6.  Knowledge of the proper use of cleaning equipment and devices such as mops and vacuums preferred.

    Job Duties:
    1.  The employee completes all housekeeping duties with thoroughness and accuracy.
    2.  All assignments are completed in a timely manner, while paying attention to detail.
    3.  The employee adapts to the changing rules and regulations in the housekeeping environment, understanding and utilizing current technology as related to position.
    4.  Housekeeping departmental changes are accepted and followed with a positive attitude.
    5.  The employee proactively notices items that need to be completed and follows through without reminder.  (Example: notices a carpet stain and cleans/puts in work order without being asked).
    6.  Without specific direction the employee looks for and performs duties which enhance the corporate environment, including but not limited to:
        A.  Carpet edges are dust free
        B.  Scuff marks on doors are removed
        C.  Patient garbage’s are emptied at other than routine times
        D.  Refrigerator maintenance (inside and out)
        E.  Handrails are cleaned

    7.  All housekeepers will positively look for ways to assist other members of the team, never saying “it’s not my job.”
    8.  Practices team member etiquette, does not gossip, offers assistance to busy staff members, discusses problems/issues on with team members involved (mail to the right address) and mentors new staff with compassion and patience. Contributes positive ideas which enhance work flow and/or team function.
    9.  Housekeeping carts are routinely stocked and left in an orderly manner at the end of each shift.
    10. Interacts courteously with all patients and visitors when cleaning throughout the corporation, as evidenced by customer service scores/comments and thank you notes.  (examples include: taking with patients when cleaning rooms, offering directional support to visitors and looking for ways to help visitors and patient throughout the corporation).
    11. The employee is a model for personnel appearance as demonstrated by following the organization dress code policy.
    12. The employee volunteers to pick up extra shifts as needed to meet departmental objectives.

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