Finance Coordinator - PACE


Day Shift




Exempt – Full Time

Salary Range – TBD

Reports to Executive Director and Indirectly to the Chief Financial Officer


The following job opportunity is available with PACE (Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly).  If you are interested in this position, please send a cover letter and current resume to Beth Boyer at PACE at bethboyer@paceswmi.org.  If you have questions regarding the PACE program or employment opportunities with PACE, please contact Beth Boyer at 269-408-4311.



The Finance Coordinator will manage all accounting functions for PACE of Southwest Michigan (PACE) and assist with the reporting functions to CMS and State of Michigan Department of Community Health.  Develops and revises policies and procedures to support clear, consistent accounting practices for PACE.  Prepares and analyzes monthly and annual financial reports, journal entries, accounts payable and receivable reports, determining variances from budget and evaluates impact from operations.  Analyzes the Medicaid, Medicare payment reconciliations ensuring appropriate information is submitted in a timely manner to ensure proper payment for services rendered. Manages petty cash through disbursing, audits and reconciling petty cash balance monthly. Reports and analyzes per member per month statistics and key performance indicators. Discusses financial reports with PACE department leaders to improve financial performance and assists PACE leadership in identifying areas of improvement. Assists in improving financial accountability, revenue generation, and management of expenses for the PACE program. Assists in the preparation of annual finance/budget calendar. Manages claim adjudication and authorization process. Manages the aged receivables on a monthly basis per payer and participant. Responsible for ensuring compliance with CMS/MDCH regulations in relationship to data submission and necessary audits related to revenue and expenses for PACE program. Creates and maintains processes and works with Interdisciplinary Team to ensure risk score data, prescription drug event data, other health insurance information and encounter data is consistently collected and transmitted to CMS accurately and timely to ensure proper payments. Participates in National PACE Association Finance Group to benchmark with other PACE organizations. Keeps abreast of governmental regulations pertaining to Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement. Supervises accounting support staff, if required.

Assists in contract reimbursement/fee schedule maintenance. Assists with monitoring of risk based capitation, Medicare Part D, and other related reimbursement. Assists with the annual Medicare Part D Bid. Provides oversight of PDE submissions of Medicare Part D. Supports risk adjustment data submission. Assists with monthly, quarterly, and annually reporting to State of Michigan, CMS, Medicare Part D and other annual required and regulatory reporting. Responsible for accounting and maintenance of asset schedules in the fixed asset reports and reconciliations. Responsible for design and delivery of various specialized projects. Participates in Quality Improvement activities. Collaborates with the CFO for monthly financial reporting to the Board of Directors. Performs other responsibilities or assignments as required.



Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting/Finance or equivalent, with at least five years previous financial experience required.  Previous health care experience preferred, with Medicaid and Medicare coding/billing/reporting knowledge and experience preferred.