Physical Therapist - PACE



The following job opportunity is available with PACE, Program of All Inclusive Care for the Elderly. If you are interested in this position, please send a cover letter and current resume to Beth Boyer at PACE at bethboyer@paceswmi.org  If you have question regarding the PACE program or employment opportunities please contact Beth Boyer at 269-408-4311.  


Job Title: Physical Therapist              

Status: Non-Exempt

Type of Position:    Part-Time developing to Full-Time       

Salary Range: TBD

Reports to: Center Manager



Job Summary: The Physical Therapist evaluates and assesses participants to determine mobility level and other functional abilities.  Provides and recommends therapeutic exercise, gait training, ambulation, etc.  Works under the direct supervision of the Center Manager or designee but is independent in the application of advanced physical therapy knowledge and skills.  Plans and develops group exercise programs for maintenance therapy for participants.  Responsible for the overall physical therapy program at PACE of Southwest Michigan.



·         Education: Bachelor's Degree in Physical Therapy if obtained prior to the year 2000, if obtained after the year 2000, then Master's Degree in Physical Therapy.

·         Experience: 1 year experience working with the frail elderly population.

·         Number and Type of Employees Supervised (optional): Aides and PTA's as program needs indicate.

·         Licensure, Registry or Certification Required: Licensed Physical Therapist in MI, valid MI driver's license and vehicle, CPR certification.


      Conducts initial assessment and periodic reassessment (minimally every 6 months) of all participants' physical condition and functional status.  Assessments must be completed prior to the scheduled team meeting. Communicates participant changes to team

      Develops Plan of Care, develops treatment programs when indicated, sets goals and provides treatment.

      Records and signs treatments in participant’s chart, records, signs and dates “Progress notes.”

      Reviews and completes assessments and discharge summaries.  Plans and develops maintenance, exercise and therapy programs for participants.

      Actively functions as a member of Interdisciplinary Team, and participates in case conferences.

      Coordination of 24 hour care delivery.  Provides training to family members, friends, and PACE of Southwest Michigan staff members for those parts of the treatment plan that can be carried out by them.

      Provides supervision to program aides and other staff who are implementing a Physical Therapy treatment program.

      Assesses the need for adaptive and durable medical equipment, specialized shoes, and prosthesis and makes recommendations to the Interdisciplinary Team.

      Participates in the discharge planning for the participants from the hospital, assisted living or skilled nursing facility.

      Participates as a member of the Interdisciplinary Team.  Attends staff meetings and takes part in participant care planning.  Communicates any changes in participant condition to team members.

      Demonstrates active participation in QA processes.