Employment Opportunities

Department: Administrative Coordinators
Schedule: Benefitted Part-time
Shift: Night shift
Hours: 8 & 12 hour shifts & every 3rd weekend
Job Details:
  • MA RN license required and BSN preferred
  • Experience Necessary
  • POSITION SUMMARY: The Administrative Coordinator under the supervision of the Director of Nursing, performs services according to the policies, procedures, philosophy, and objectives of the departments and hospital.  Works cooperatively within department and other services to create a system of quality health care.


    POSITION RESPONSIBLITIES: Maintain current knowledge in area(s) of Patient Care Services.  During their assigned shift, the on-site administrator serves as the primary liaison between the Hospital and the public and is responsible for the management and evaluation of health care services.  Collaborates with other health care providers and departments to ensure comprehensive patient care and that the understanding and compliance of patient’s rights are maintained. 


    a. Accurately interprets hospital policies and regulations to staff members, physicians, patients and families to ensure compliance. 

    b. Effectively engages in investigations and the preparation of reports relative to improvements of nursing care and safety issues. 


    a. Effectively makes independent decisions when there is no established policy to meet the situation or crisis.  Informs appropriate Director and/or Administrator-on-call as required. 

    b. Functions as Incident Commander in a disaster situation, when senior management not on site. 

    c. Demonstrates effectiveness in assessing the number and level of staff required to provide optimal quality patient care within budgetary constraints, adjusts staffing as necessary.

    d. Prioritizes and triages in collaboration with nursing staff to ensure the most effective use of patient care resources .

    e. Actively participates in in-service and continuing education. 




    a. Maintains a reciprocal relationship with the Clinical Managers and Directors to assure unit productivity.

    b. In collaboration with the Admitting Office and being knowledgeable of nursing unit acuity and staffing, places patients on appropriate nursing units.

    c. Takes an active role in maintaining positive medical staff relations.  Takes own action or refers MD complaints or concerns to appropriate persons.

    d. Ensures compliance of Medical-Legal issues and organ donor program.

    e. Serves as a member of various nursing, medical, and hospital committees as requested within AC scheduled hours.


    a. Is knowledgeable in providing necessary supplies during off hours to various departments/nursing units from Central Supply, Pharmacy, Medical Records, and General Stores. 

    b. Assesses Pharmacy needs; is knowledgeable in obtaining medications and collaborates with pharmacist and Rx e-source as needed.   

    c. Monitors and assesses need to secure additional supplies by means of renting or borrowing, considering budget constraints. 

    d. Coordinates and facilitates the Bed Meetings.  Assesses bed availability on the various nursing units.  Determines which unit(s) will remain open if additional beds are needed for the incoming patients.  Addresses staffing concerns with the unit representative as necessary





    a. Maintains a high morale among personnel by evaluating performance fairly.  Maintains confidentiality, listening with respect, and providing assistance in resolving issues

    b. Responsible for authorizing overtime for various departments including Ortho Tech, Maintenance, and Security during assigned shift.  Monitors and approves use of on-call personnel, i.e., ICU/SCN/ED within budgetary constraints, books patient sitters



    a. Regularly makes unit rounds and consults with the nursing staff to verify that patient needs are being met and to ascertain the condition of patients

    b. Demonstrates technical and clinical expertise necessary to function as a resource person for staff in order to deal with patient care issues, both directly and indirectly.

    c. Responds immediately to all crisis calls or calls for assistance. 

    d. Assesses and coordinates the flow of critical care patients to optimize resources

    e. Provides leadership and direction during emergencies and crisis as a member of the Code, Trauma, Rapid Response, and Angioplasty Teams.  Acts rapidly and competently, follows hospital policies and procedures in any emergency situation. 

    f. Coordinates emergency surgery by initiating calls to Anesthesia and Surgical teams. 

    g. Demonstrates effectiveness in offering comfort and support to families and staff in crisis as needed.  Mobilizes Staff Support Team as needed. 


    a. Identifies needs, obtains, analyses, compares and integrates usefulness of information in a confidential manner, to improve out comes of services and sharing information.

    b. Maintains effective communication with Nursing and Medical Staffs.

     c. Is knowledgeable about legal responsibilities in obtaining medical record information to both in-house and outside facilities. 

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