Physical Therapist

Physical Therapy

Part time

Day shift

20hrs/week; Main & Saints Campus


Bachelor's Degree Required, Master's Preferred
Experience Necessary

POSITION SUMMARY: The Physical Therapist under the supervision of the Clinical Supervisor and the Director of Rehab Services performs/supervises services in a designated area according to the policies, procedures, philosophy, and objectives of the department and hospital.  Works cooperatively within the department and other services to create a system of quality health care.




POSITION RESPONSIBILITIES:  Maintain current knowledge and responsibility for organizing and performing diversified medically-prescribed physical therapy procedures to restore patient physical functions, to prevent disability following disease, injury or loss of a body member and to instruct patients in attaining optimum performance.

Demonstrates the ability upon receiving a referral from a physician, to perform an evaluation of the patient, document results of the evaluation, establish short and long-term goals and initiate an appropriate treatment plan to achieve the stated goals. 

Demonstrates the ability apply diagnostic and prognostic muscle, nerve, joint and functional ability tests to plan the required therapy program via exercise, massage, heat, water, light and electrical means. 

Demonstrates the ability treat disabilities, injuries, etc., by administering a variety of exercise treatments including muscle re-education, relaxation and various walking exercises, etc., using inclines, parallel bars, steps, weights, crutches, walkers, etc.  Treat patients with sprains, bursitis, arthritis, etc., with hydro-therapy treatments such as whirlpool, leg, arm and body baths, hot/cold packs, hydrocollators, etc.

Demonstrates the ability perform a variety of required massages.  Administer electrotherapy treatments using low-voltage generator and ultra-sonic equipment. 

Demonstrates the ability to perform a variety of modalities, (i.e. hot packs, cold packs, electrical stimulation, ultrasound, T.E.N.S., traction, paraffin, massage, whirlpool) exercise programs, exercise equipment (i.e. treadmill, stairmaster, UBE, bicycles, weights, theraband) mobility and gait training.

Demonstrates the ability to document daily treatments to assess appropriateness of actions taken and to make changes in the program when needed.  Also, at the time of discharge to home or another facility, a discharge summary will be done and forwarded to the appropriate agency (i.e., VNA, rehabilitation facility, nursing home, or MD office).