Pharmacy Technician


Full time

Evening shift

Certification required
Experience Necessary

 POSITION SUMMARY: The Pharmacy Technician under the supervision of  Lead Pharmacy Technician and Pharmacy Operations Manager performs/supervises services in a designated area according to the policies, procedures, philosophy, and objectives of the department and hospital.  Works cooperatively within department and other services to create a system of quality health care.


POSITION RESPONSIBILITIES: The Pharmacy Technician maintains the current knowledge base of being a hospital pharmacy technician.  Abilities and skill sets must include but are not limited to; ability to calculate compounded medication needs, flow from assigned work roles to another, triage and ascertain what must be done daily and adjust to work flow demands, all under the guidance and supervision of the pharmacist staff.  Assisting the pharmacist process medication orders, answer phones, great visitors to the pharmacy department and support of fellow registered technicians are some of the keys to this role supporting the goals of the pharmacy department.


Is able to identify with different work roles of the pharmacy technicians and can participate in the different operational technician daily roles in support of the department of pharmacy services.

Able to show comprehension of mathematical calculations needed to identify needed compounded quantities in support of assisting the pharmacist fill medication orders.

Able to assist the pharmacists with processing of medication orders and can assist with other allied health professional questions and needs under the direct supervision of a pharmacist. 

Shows ability to consult the pharmacist on issues requiring clinical judgment.

Shows ability to function in the Intravenous Medication program of the department of pharmacy.  Shows ability to work with compounding issues.

Maintains the Pharmacy Department in a clean and orderly manner.  Performs other pharmacy related duties as requested or required within the department and within the scope of pharmacy practice as directed by the pharmacist in charge.

 Demonstrates ability to apply common sense and understanding to carry out instruction furnished in written, oral and diagram form.  Demonstrates ability to deal with problems involving several variables in particular situations.