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Department: Emergency
Schedule: FT36
Shift: 3rd shift
Hours: 7p-730a
Job Details:
  • Clinical Supervisor




    Position Summary

    A clinical competent registered professional nurse who delivers patient care through the nursing process of assessment, planning, intervention, implementation, and evaluation. Supervises, delegates and coordinates the patient care provided throughout the health system. Effectively interacts with the patient, significant others, and health care team members while maintaining the standards of professional nursing. Meets all standards and requirements of LMHS universal job description. Works directly under the supervision of the Emergency Department Nursing Director.




    • Communicates with preceptors  and preceptee regarding performance

    • Performs oral and written disciplinary action with affirmation of Director

    • Completes employee schedules , vacation, and PTO requests

    • Staffing in coordination with  Director, PCC, bed scheduler

    • Manages call-in's and replacement

    • Ensure walking rounds

    • Handle concurrent patient complaints, concerns and issues and documents appropriately

    • Delegation of POCT'S, RN,  and UC'S assignments

    • Direct report to Director of ED any POCT, RN and unit clerk performance issues

    • Investigate all occurrences to include writing a detailed report to the Director

    • In charge of QA items : crash cart, temp logs, white glove, point of care testing logs and controls, and other QA issues

    • In charge of patient through put which may include reassigning staff

    • In charge of death and required documentation and paperwork

    • In charge of all emergency code: green, orange, etc.

    • Confirm triage RN using physician protocol and maintains competency

    • Completes 30-60-90 day competencies and annual evaluations

    • Ensure POCT are obtaining  and transporting specimens to the laboratory immediately, or delegating to other employee/volunteer 

    • Ensure all chest pain patients are receiving an EKG within 5 minutes of arrival

    • Enters Risk Management occurrences into Midas accordingly

    • Performs short form registration

    • Enters orders in computer

    • Calls report to floor

    • Calls report to floor

    • Calls for bed assignment

    • Completes telephone and radio squad report

    • Utilizes intercom system

    • Answers call lights promptly and with courtesy

    • Answers telephone using name and title

    • Can Enters work orders in computer

    • Contacts police via radio

    • Assesses and documents negative airflow rooms

    • Knows duties related to infection control

    • Knows how to clean dirty equipment including EMS equipment, and knows where it is stored

    • Performs appropriate duties related to the Decontamination shower.

    • Able to locate all LMHS/ED specific policies, procedures, and ISO business processes via the Intranet.

    • Performs appropriate duties related to all LMHS Emergency Codes.

    • Knows daily assignment sheet

    • Knows how to operate adult and infant scales

    • Knows how to perform an EKG and where the copy is placed

    • Knows how to collect all laboratory specimens and where specimens are taken to in lab and log in with unit clerk or order entry

    • Location of Unit Supplies/Cast Room

    • Know whwere all supplies are in EENT Room, storage room, isolation room, OB/GYN room, trauma, medication, cast & wound room , and all procedures that apply to those rooms.

    • Accurately obtain/record patient specific data.

    • Insert Foley catheter aseptically.

    • Collect, label, and accurately enter specimens obtained.  Ensure specimens are taken to the laboratory immediately

    • Lifts, transfers, transport patients safely to an inpatient bed and to and from ancillary departments.

    • Accurately collect, perform and document urine pregnancy tests and quality controls associated with it.

    • Accurately collect, perform, document fecal and gastric occult test and quality controls associated with it.

    • Accurately collect, perform, document glucometer testing and quality controls associated with it.

    • Apply restraints correctly and monitor every 15 minutes for behavioral health patients and concerns

    • Performing one-to-one monitoring on all restrained, suicidal, combative and other high-risk patients when requested by RN or physician.

    • Obtain vital signs correctly

    • Obtain patient weights correctly

    • Clean and make beds

    • Exchange crash carts after all codes immediately to pharmacy

    • Answer the phone when needed

    • Provide assistance in order to provide efficiencies in the ED and get the patient's length of stay in the ED decreased





    • Read, write, and follow verbal or written instructions.

    • BLS Certification (Mandatory)

    • ACLS Certification (Mandatory within 12 months)

    • PALS Certification (Mandatory within 12 months)

    • NRP Certification (Optional)

    • Obtain/maintain 12 lead ECG testing proficiency, especially within 5 minutes for chest pain patients

    • Obtain/maintain phlebotomy skill.

    • Obtain/maintain glucometer skills

    • Completes WebEds prior to deadline

    • Takes initiative to promote teamwork and a positive work environment

    • Promotes a culture of safety and proactive with implementing initiatives

    • Acts as a mentor and resource for new employees

    • Demonstrates leadership behaviors and initiatives

    • Obtain/maintain IBEX competency


    Licking Memorial Health Systems is an equal opportunity employer and maintains compliance with all state, federal, and local regulations.  Licking Memorial Health Systems does not discriminate against applicants because of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, ancestry, national origin, veteran status, pregnancy, disability, marital status, or other characteristics protected by law.

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