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Department: Surgery
Schedule: Full-time
Shift: Varies
Hours: Varies
Job Details:
  • Position Summary: This position is responsible for providing direct and indirect patient care in the surgical suite, endoscopy suite and PACU.  Coordinates the needs of the surgical team and manages the care of the patient during and after the procedure.  Communicates with physicians/Nurse Manager/co-workers, as appropriate about changes in patient’s clinical condition.  Responds quickly and accurately to changes in patient condition.  Utilizes independent judgment regarding priority of work, changes in patient condition, evaluating patient’s response to care and emergency situations. Participates in performance improvement activities of the department and daily management of infection prevention and control activities. 


    Standards of Behavior



    Be loyal to my co-workers and the hospital and do not undermine other people’s work.  Take initiative to do what needs to be done, not leaving it for someone else to do.  Complete mandatory education on time, maintain appropriate licenses and other certifications as appropriate (such as BLS, ACLS, etc) and meet other basic requirements for my job. 



    Rudeness is never appropriate and effective communication can create more positive encounters. 



    Treat each other with courtesy and respect.  Show caring and concern for our patients, visitors and families. 



    Focus on providing the highest quality of care and be creative in adapting actions and responses to improve the level of service we provide.   



    Provide a comfortable atmosphere for all customers.  Strive to anticipate needs and react in a caring, professional manner to patients, families, physicians, and co-workers.  Respond to service recovery opportunities and strive to meet the needs of others by using A GIFT.  Use proper phone etiquette.  Answer calls in three rings.  Greet caller pleasantly stating name and department.  Ask “How may I help you?”    



    Primary Functions:

    1.     Ensures patient safety before and during the procedure.  Verifies patient identification, correct surgical procedure, correct site and side, NPO status, and allergies.  Reviews the patient chart. Communicates pertinent information to the surgical team.  Recognizes, interprets, documents and communicates significant information (Situation, Background, Assessment, and Recommendation) necessary for quality patient care and related patient information.


    2.     Prepares the surgical suite for the procedure establishing and maintaining asepsis.  Obtains the needed equipment, x-ray, and supplies per surgeon preference.  Assists in transporting the patient to and from the surgical suite. Assists with patient transfer to and from the operating room table using correct body mechanics and devices ensuring patient and staff safety. Safely positions and secures the patient on the table.


    3.     Assists and anticipates the needs of the surgical team throughout the surgical period. Assists the anesthesiologist during the patient induction and emergent phases of anesthesia.  Administers conscious sedation agents and prescribed medication to patients under the direction of the attending physician.  Maintains perioperative record including charges, specimen labeling, and implant documentation.


    4.     Maintains necessary equipment including endoscopes, monitors and processors.  Follows department procedures for sterilizing equipment.  Ensures the proper handling of specimens. 


    5.     Performs age related assessments and reassessments as per department policy on post-op patients in the PACU.  Institutes appropriate nursing interventions to stabilize a patient’s condition or prevent complications.  Maintains airway management.  Demonstrates ability to assess cardio-respiratory systems for changes and provide appropriate treatment.  Demonstrates knowledge of arterial lines, central lines and epidural catheters.


    6.     Collaborates with the patient, family and other health team members to provide humane, caring nursing care that promotes healing.


    7.     Administers medications following the five medication rights.  Reduces the potential for medication errors.  Maintains thorough knowledge of anesthetic medications and side effects.


    8.     Identifies individualized, expected outcomes for the patient. Creates plans of care that prescribe interventions to attain expected outcomes and that are appropriate to the age and development level of the patient.


    9.     Formulates a teaching plan based on the plan of care.  Educates the patient and family regarding the plan of care, expected outcomes, and identified learning needs.


    10.   Maintains knowledge of the laws and rules regulating nursing. Perform nursing practice within the legal scope and to the level of licensure.


    11.   Treats patients and families with dignity and respect.  Ensures confidentiality of patient records.  Interacts   professionally with patients and families and provides explanations and verbal reassurance as necessary.



    Other Duties As Assigned:

    Accepts other duties/responsibilities as assigned.


    Minimum Qualifications:


    Current Registered Nurse licensure in State of Ohio required

    BLS certification within 30 days of employment required.

    ACLS certification within 6 months of employment required.

    PALS certification within 1 year of employment required.



    Five (5) years circulating experience preferred.


    Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

    Basic knowledge of surgical instrumentation and equipment. Successful completion of appropriate competencies for assigned specialty areas.  Able to function efficiently with constant change.  Basic knowledge of computers.  Must be able to read, write and communicate effectively in English.  Demonstrates flexibility, ability to multi-task and effective organizational and interpersonal skills.


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