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Req Number: 9828
Company: Shared Service Systems
Located at: Omaha, NE
Work at : 0005 - Shared Service Systems - 1725 S 20th St - Omaha NE 68
Department: Laundry and Linens
Status: Part Time
Shift: Day Shift
Hours: 10:30am - 3:30pm
Hours Per Week: 25
Starting Hourly Rate: 11.50
Contact Information:
  • Contact: Ashley Batko
Job Details:
  • Education:    

    ·        For safety reasons, qualified applicants must be able to speak and understand English sufficiently to perform safety requirements and demonstrate the ability to follow safety rules required



    ·        No experience necessary, will train



    ·        Ability to exert up to 43 pounds of push and pull force. 

    ·        Involves various movement requirements especially upper body.

    ·        Utilizes repetitive grasping, pulling, and reaching movements.

    ·        Requires stooping and bending to process linen out of baskets and bins.

    ·        Must be ab le to stand for eight hour shift.

    ·        Visually must be able to discriminate detail.

    ·        Environment is warmer during seasonal times.


    Potential Job Hazards:

    • Equipment

    • Pulling out stuck linens

    • Automated equipment (bags)

    • Ironer steam pipes/ironer chest heat

    • Moving racks, bins and baskets

    • Repetitive motions

    • Environment heat, (temp)

    • Space

    • Latex Exposure



    ·        Must successfully complete Back School, an in-service and demonstration of safe body mechanics, within   

    90    days of hire, and annually thereafter.



    General Summary: 

    To finish clean linens for shipping:  hand folds and operates various laundry processing equipment.  Inspects for holes, stains and other linen imperfections.  Works in tumblefold, ironer area, tie machines and surgical inspection.





    Essential Job Functions:


    1.  Operated various laundry processing equipment in a safe productive manor.


    2.     Folds and stacks linens into different categories meeting production standards set by supervisor.


    3.    Inspects all linens, surgical and general for tears, holes and overall cleanliness.


    4.    Removes from clean shippable linens, those that are stained, soiled, ragged, or are in need of mending.


    5.  Bundles linens, loading racks in quantities specified by the distribution department and places linens into

         assigned holding bins.


    6.  Alternates job assignments with fellow staff members as scheduled by the supervisor.


    7.  Keeps work areas clean, during and at the close of each shift.  Changes out ragged, mending, and

         stain wash bags. 

    8.  Performs needed housekeeping functions to maintain a clean working environment and to keep

         equipment clean.


    9.  Hand folding Standards:

                 Baby Clothes                                                            280 pc. Per hour

                 Laundry Bags                                                           190 pc. Per hour

                 PJ's                                                                         160 pc. Per hour

                 Robes/Long Sleeve Gowns                                            180 pc Per hour

                 Scrub Clothes                                                           160 pc. Per hour

                 Soft Contours                                                           180 pc. Per hour

                 Surgery Towels                                                        500 pc. Per hour

                 Wash Cloths                                                                  1000 pc. Per hour


    10. Equipment Processing Standards:

                 Bath Blankets (blanket folder)                                    220 pc. Per hour

                 Bath Towels                                                             625 pc. Per hour

                 Baby Blankets                                                          400 pc  Per hour

                 Contours                                                                  240 pc. Per hour

                 Dish Towels                                                             600 pc Per hour

                 Isolation/IV/Robes                                                     230 pc. Per hour

                 Patient Gowns                                                          260 pc. Per hour

                 Thermal spreads (blanket folder                                180 pc. Per hour

                 Underpads                                                                370 pc. Per hour

                 Ironer production:

                 Bath Blankets                                                           325 pc. Per hour

                 Sheets/Draws                                                           350 pc. Per hour

                 Green Sheets/Cart Sheets                                         300 pc. Per hour

                 Aprons                                                                     300 pc. Per hour

                 Pillow Cases                                                                   500 pc. Per hour

                 Surgery Towels                                                               680 pc. Per hour

                 Press Production:

                 Lab Coats                                                                   40 pc. Per hour


    11. Practices set safety guidelines that pertain to equipment and the work environment.  Takes

          action to correct unsafe conditions.


    12.  Participates in mandatory in-services and/or CE programs as mandated by policies and

           procedures/external agencies and as directed by management.


    13.  Follows and understands the mission, vision, core values, Employee Standards of Behavior

           and company policies/procedures.


           14.  Other duties as assigned.

Nebraska Methodist Health System is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or any other classification protected by Federal, state or local law.

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