Laundry Worker




In an environment of continuous quality improvement, the Laundry Worker is responsible for performing a variety of tasks in the laundry department. Exhibits the MHS Standards of Excellence and exercises strict confidentiality at all times.


Job Requirements:

·          High School Diploma, GED or equivalent training and/or experience required

·          Ability to read, write and do math as generally demonstrated by a high school diploma or GED

·          Ability to follow written and verbal instructions


Job Functions:

1.    Assists with linen levels and inventory requests.

2.    Transports full linen carts throughout the hospital for delivery of clean linen.

3.    Makes emergency deliveries of linen to user areas in the hospital as needed.

4.    Puts linen orders together for all off-site locations.

5.    Transports and collects soiled linen.

6.    Sorts soiled linen for washing.

7.    Washes linen using appropriate chemical formulas.

8.    Loads and unloads linen from dryers.

9.    Runs linen through ironer and small piece folder for processing.

10. Operates all equipment and machinery as required.

11. Assists with training of new employees.

12. Assumes all other duties and responsibilities as necessary.