Medical Student Clinical Rotation

Graduate Medical Education




Memorial Health System values higher education and welcomes all aspiring healthcare providers.


·        Hands-on Experience:  During clinical rotations you will receive hands-on experience in the profession that you're passionate about.

·         Accredited Environment:  Memorial Health System has multiple accreditations and awards including Healthcare Facilities Accreditation Program

·        Community Hospital: Working with providers to provide excellent care toward community members of the Mid-Ohio Valley.

·        Preceptorship:  Learning one-on-one with a healthcare professional.

·        Continuous Improvement:  Memorial Health System prides itself on being an education-first institution, where learning is a high priority.


·        Gain experience within your education and your comfort zone.

·        Learn from leading healthcare professionals.

·        Apply what you've learned in the classroom to real-life situations.

·        Help community members in their journey to a healthy lifestyle.

·        Perform clinical duties with guidance from preceptor

·        Maintain confidentiality


·        Be enrolled into a nurse practitioner program, a physician assistant program or a medical school.

·        Willingness to learn

·        Up-to-date Net learning Modules or  Care Learning

·        Confidentiality Form

·        Security parking form

·        Updated Immunizations

·        Affiliation agreement