Registered Nurse Clinical Rotation

Nursing Administration




Memorial Health System values higher education and welcomes all aspiring healthcare professionals.

Position Highlights

·        Get to know Memorial Health System

·        Ability to shadow in many areas of your interest on non-scheduled clinical days

·        Get to meet many of Memorial Health Systems management team

·        Socialization into the nursing role is enhanced

·        Individual learning needs are better identified and met

Position Responsibilities

·        Maintains patient confidentiality

·        Meets with clinical instructor/preceptor weekly to discuss learning goals

·        Demonstrates professional characteristics Such as, Dependability, punctuality, reliability

·        Complies with all hospital policies

Position Requirements

·        In order to complete a rotation at a MHS site, your program must have an affiliation agreement with MHS in place

·        Completes annual Net learning Education modules, where you will learn you will need to learn information about our organization, potentially hazardous situations and emergency responses, patient care and privacy issues, and other hospital policies

·        Must complete a confidentiality form each rotation at MHS, with required clinical hours included for each rotation

·        Must Complete MHS security form, and comply with MHS student parking policy

·        Must comply with designated dress code

·        Must comply with all MHS Standards of Excellence