Patient Sitter

Float Pool

48 hours per 2 weeks


8-hour shifts

In an environment of continuous quality improvement, the Patient Sitter is responsible for providing support to the patient care team as well as directly attending to certain, specified needs of the patient. Provides constant observation and monitoring of assigned patients to ensure safety and prevention of injury. Exhibits the Standards of Excellence and exercises strict confidentiality at all times.


Job Requirement:

·          High School Diploma, GED, or equivalent required

·          Previous patient experience preferred

·          BLS Required – will obtain during hospital orientation

·          Verbal ability required to communicate with patients and understand instructions received from nursing staff

·          Manual dexterity required to use hands easily and skillfully while aiding patients


Job Functions:

1.     Receives report from exiting patient care provider or RN including any patient specific behaviors to monitor.

2.     Courteously greets patients, identifies self, and explains purpose.

3.     Ensures patient's safety.

4.     Observes and reports to the RN all patient concerns or changes in condition within their scope.

5.     Promptly calls for assistance as needed.

6.     May assist the nurse or patient care technician assigned to the patient with care.

7.     Assists patient to restroom.  Walks patient in corridor upon approval of the nurse.  It is the responsibility of the nurse assigned to the patient to make sure that any equipment needed by the patient while ambulating is available and functioning appropriately.

8.     Does not leave patient unless relieved by another staff member.

9.     Notifies RN if tubes, IV, catheter, etc. become disconnected.

10.  Reports defective equipment to charge nurse or RN assigned to patient.

11.  Accompanies the patient to other areas of the Hospital for diagnostic tests or upon transfer to other units escorted by a nurse, transporter and/or patient care technician.  It is the responsibility of the nurse assigned to the patient to make sure that any equipment needed by the patient while off the unit is available and functioning appropriately for the duration of the time that the patient is off the unit.

12.  Transports lab specimens, patient equipment and patient belongings as required with the patient.

13.  Keeps patient room neat and orderly.

14.  Evaluates patient's environment for possible hazards and removes those hazards.

15.  Washes hands before and after patient contact.

16.  Follows isolation procedures according to the Infection Control Policy.

17.  Demonstrates understanding of the use of unit technology i.e. call systems, bed controls and TV controls.

18.  Maintains confidentiality.

19.  Performs other duties as required or assigned.

20.  Reports to job as scheduled.

21.  Follows all standard safety precautions.

22.  Follows the standards of conduct and policies and procedures of Marietta Memorial Health System and applicable laws and regulations and reports violations through the appropriate chain of command.

23.  Annually completes required competency assessments.

24.  Utilize appropriate measures to promote and maintain patient safety.

25.  Makes decisions which include using the age of the patients treated when appropriate.

26.  Demonstrates knowledge of operation to include but not limited to the required unit specific equipment/procedures.

27.  Demonstrates knowledge of on-going unit specific performance improvement activities.

28.  Assists Central Transport staff when available with various functions: transporting patients within the hospital, assists patients in and out of vehicles, lifting patients on/off beds, and moving them from location to location; comforting patients and their families, being punctual and attentive to schedules, and demonstrating sensitivity; transporting equipment and supplies and delivering them to treatment areas; and transporting specimens and deceased patients, as needed.

29.  Assumes all other duties and responsibilities as necessary.