Marketing Specialist II

Marketing and Communication

Full Time -80 hours



In an environment of continuous quality improvement, the Marketing Specialist II is responsible for the daily operation of the department, helping to ensure projects are developed and implemented on budget, on time and with the highest quality. Exhibits the MHS Standards of Excellence and exercises strict confidentiality at all times.


Job Requirement:

·          Bachelor's degree in marketing or related field

·          Minimum five years marketing experience preferred

·          Excellent written and verbal communication skills; interpersonal and team work skills; strong editing and production skills required

·          Knowledge and familiarity with Adobe Creative Suite is a plus

·          Excellent organizational skills with the ability to prioritize and problem solve

·          Ability to provide excellent customer service


Job Functions:

Graphic Design:

1.     Formulate basic layout design or presentation approach, specifying material details such as style and size of type, photographs, graphics, animation, video and sound.

2.     Work collaboratively with marketing director and writer to establish and articulate design and art goals for projects.

3.     Provide effective design solutions appropriate to product, priority, budget that protects the brand image.

4.     Mark up, paste, and complete layouts, and write typography instructions to prepare materials for typesetting or printing.

5.     Ensure that all design-related information is kept current and archived.

6.     Review and approve proofs of printed copy of art and copy materials developed.

7.     Review illustrative material to determine if it conforms to standards and specifications.

8.     Attend photo shoots and printing sessions to ensure that the products needed are obtained.

9.     Assumes all other duties and responsibilities as necessary.


Creative Marketing:

1.    Monitor and engage in social discussions about our system and competition when appropriate.

2.    Develop and implement social campaigns and track ROI.

3.    Manage content for website and internal products like MyMemorial.

4.    Collaborate with marketing team to support campaign and design development as assigned.

5.    Provide video and photo support as assigned.

6.    Assume other duties and responsibilities as assigned.