Medical Laboratory Resident

Evening Laboratory

40 hours per 2 weeks



In an environment of continuous quality improvement, the Medical Laboratory Technician Resident is responsible for performing laboratory analysis and reports results. Obtains samples for analysis; draws blood for blood bank.  Exhibits the MHS Standards of Excellence and exercises strict confidentiality at all times.


Job Requirements:

·          Currently enrolled in an Associate's degree program for Medical Lab Technology

·          Successful completion of Clinical Rotation required to begin training under the direction of a Certified Technician/Technologist

·          Light clerical skills and interpersonal skills


Job Functions:

1.     Performs specimen testing (manual and automated) and operates various laboratory instruments.

2.     Performs calibrations and Quality Control for all Laboratory testing.

3.     Obtains blood samples for analysis in the hospital if needed.

4.     Performs maintenance and troubleshooting of equipment and procedures.

5.     Replenishes supplies and maintains adequate stock in working area.

6.     Performs other related duties.

7.     Assumes all other duties and responsibilities as necessary.