Registration Receptionist

Drs. Brockett/Leopold's office

Full Time -80 hours



High School Diploma or GED. Two-five years experience in a medical practice environment OR Associate’s Degree in Medical Office Administration.

Summary of Responsibilities:  Under broad supervision, perform the duties as receptionist.  This includes maintaining a positive office image, communicating patient and office needs, and maintaining files and supportive services to the overall efficient functioning of the medical practice.


Specific Duties:

1. Manages incoming calls, schedules appointments, registers patients, handles payments on accounts and medical co-pays, reviews and corrects super bills for accuracy, verifies current demographic information with patient and makes corrections in the computer system.
2. Initiates new patient/client charts, generates daily schedule for physicians and nurses.
3. Insure waiting areas are clean and tidy.  Dispose of magazines, maintain plants, etc.
4. Greet patients, provide necessary services to fulfill aspects of encountering protocol such as completion of demographic sheets on all patients and obtaining copies of insurance information.
5. Handle medical records requests, entering record changes into the computer, and insures correct release of information.
6. Process and file correspondence, reports, office notes, and transcription into patient’s charts, mail or interdepartmental mail.

7. Confirm new/established patient appointments for following day.

8. Maintain office records and logs as directed by your supervisor.

9. Responsible for entering daily patient charges.  Out-patient charges must be entered by the following business day by 10:00 a.m.
10.Responsible for in-patient billing which must be entered by the 29th of each month.  .Abide by billing protocol for registration, encountering, batching, and deposits.  (See daily charges/moxes).
11. Other related duties