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Security Officer
Department: Security
Schedule: Part-Time
Shift: Day/PM/Rotate
Hours: 24 hrs (every weekend)
Salary: $10.88-$14.87
Job Details:

The schedule for this position is every Saturday and Sunday and one additional Afternoon shift during the week.
Qualified candidates should possess excellent customer service and people skills.
Candidates with Law Enforcement background are preferred.

The role of Security Officers at Munson Medical Center is to ensure a safe and secure environment for all patients, visitors and staff.  Officers provide a security presence throughout the facility to maintain order, monitor activity to identify potential risks, prevent accidents and/or injuries and to deter harmful activity such as theft, vandalism and violence.  Security Officers contribute to maintaining a positive environment through consistent customer friendly service.



Experience in a Security-related field, preferred.

Possession of a valid driver's license.

Basic technical reporting and computer skills.

Ability to work as a team and work well with the general public.

Ability to understand and follow Munson Medical Center's policies, procedures and values.



Supports the Munson Medical Center mission, recognizing that patients are our #1 priority.

Embraces the Relationship Based Care model as core values, including:

  • Caring for Self
  • Caring for Colleagues
  • Caring for Patients and Families

Supports Munson Medical Center's Safety and Security plans.  Demonstrates knowledge in areas concerning the safety of employees, patients and visitors in accordance with Joint Commission standards and MIOSHA regulations.

Embraces and supports the CQI philosophy of Munson Medical Center.

Recognizes safety is a self-responsibility.  Knows the physical requirements of the job and works within those guidelines.  Performs job duties safely at all times, utilizing proper body mechanics and transferring /lifting techniques.

Recognizes the need for use of personal protective equipment (PPE) and uses when necessary.



Officer duties are rotated every two hours and positions include:  Dispatch, inside patrol, outside patrol, and Lot C&D post. 

Specific duties include, but are not limited to:

Responds to all emergency codes.

Responds to emergency pages.

Patrols designated areas in and around the Munson Medical Center campus, including visual and physical checks of buildings located on the premises.

Patrols all Munson parking lots and enforces parking regulations outlined in the parking policy.

Performs scheduled locks / unlocks of areas within the hospital.

Inspects fire extinguishers.

Performs escorts for employees and visitors.

Assists with vehicle jump-starts.

Picks up patient belongings and lost items from specific units.

Performs monthly checks of all emergency call boxes, safety phones, infant abduction security system (HUGS), and panic alarms.

Investigates and prepares clear, concise and thorough incident reports.

Applies four-point restraints with qualified staff to control combative patients.

Oversees patient observations in ED, when the patient is on "Hold", the possibility of physically acting out exists, danger to self or others, or presents an elopement risk.

Reports any unsafe situation or equipment according to hospital procedure.

Demonstrates competency in monitoring of security systems, including: access control, security cameras and fire alarm systems.

Responds to facility security issues and works to mitigate associated risks.

Demonstrates competency in the following counter-terrorism strategies:

  • High level of awareness of the potential for terrorist activities.
  • Ability to lock down the building and know the operation of the automated locking system.
  • Controls traffic and crowds for mass causality influx.
  • Participates in decontamination procedures, including set up of decontamination zones.
  • Assists with mass casualty influx resulting from a biological, radiological or chemical incident.
  • Understands both internal and external reporting responsibilities.
  • Control of hospital access after hours


Completes Munson Medical Center Human Resource Department Safety Training prior to start date.

Completes comprehensive Security orientation process within 2 weeks of start date.

Completes hospital orientation within 30 days of start date.

Completes Relationship Based Care (RBC) within 3-6 months of start date.

Certified in both CPR and AED (infant and adult), and CPI training within 6 months of start date.

Completes North Flight Safety training within 6 months of start date.

Completes Morgue training within 6 months of start date.

Security staff has the opportunity to become IAHSS certified.



Establish positive rapport with ED staff to promote team environment.

Obtain briefing from Dispatch Officer in Security Command Center.

Check in with ED Charge Nurse and attend evening "Huddle" with ED staff: 6:45pm.

Meet, greet, and assist patients and their families as needed.

Monitor visitor traffic into the ED through rounding and intercom system.

Monitor visitor entrance, waiting area, main entrance, and ambulance entrance through continuous rounding.

Provide security presence throughout the ED, with focus on the South Wing.

Look for opportunities to de-escalate and promote positive outcomes.

Identify potentially violent individuals (patients, visitors, etc.), and assist with diverting negative behaviors.

When physical intervention is required:

  • Call for assistance, use radio
  • Instruct Dispatch or ED staff to call Switchboard to overhead page Code Gray
  • Contain the situation
  • Intervene early
  • Take the lead to promote safety among staff
  • Insure CPI protocol is used to restrain the patient
  • Facilitate debrief with staffDemonstrates working knowledge of the organization's policy for restraining and applying restraints.

Maintain patient confidentiality at all times.

Understand and demonstrate key strategies for effective customer service.

Demonstrates working knowledge of roles and responses for each internal and external codes or emergencies such as fire, infant abduction, or mass casualty influx.

Officers will be trained in key strategies to prevent or respond to workplace violence situations.



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