HealthcareSource Releases 2021 Predictions, Outlines Key Talent Management Initiatives for Healthcare Leaders

During a live webinar on Jan. 19th, HealthcareSource thought leaders will review its 2021 predictions, sharing data and recommendations on five key priorities to implement this year and beyond.

Woburn, Mass. – January 13, 2021 – HealthcareSource©, the leading provider of talent management solutions for the healthcare industry, released its top healthcare predictions, outlining five key priorities that HR leaders should implement in 2021 to address the complex challenges talent management executives are facing.

The events of 2020 drastically changed talent management for most healthcare organizations. Hospitals, senior care and other healthcare providers were forced to shift recruiting and hiring strategies, including putting new talent investments on hold, due to the pandemic.

Through its 2021 predictions, HealthcareSource provides strategic insight on what HR leaders and talent executives should prioritize to better attract, hire, retain and grow top talent to ensure they have a competitive edge during another potentially challenging year. Company thought leaders will share key findings in a live webinar on January 19th at 2:00p.m. ET.

HealthcareSource’s 2021 predictions are tied to five strategic initiatives that enable healthcare organizations to remain competitive: modern hiring strategies; talent development; workforce optimizations; telehealth and telework; and making the case for HR-specific solution investments. The predictions include:


  • Healthcare organizations with a strong employer brand will see substantial increases in applicant flow: According to LinkedIn, having a great employer brand can lead to a 50% cost-per-hire reduction and 50% more qualified applicants. Organizations that a proactive and continuous brand strategy will attract top talent.
  • Top healthcare organizations will prioritize talent development to improve recruiting and retention efforts: One study shows that 40% of employees will leave a position within a year due to inadequate training and development. Companies that prioritize employee growth will reduce turnover.


  • Advanced healthcare organizations will operate like staffing agencies to be more efficient with planning and scheduling critical shifts: This includes having a system that instantly identifies employees who are suitable to fill critical positions based on their competencies and licenses, or investing more dollars in agency partners to ensure they are covered on this front.
  • Remote work opportunities will dramatically increase, making traditionally local positions more competitive: A Gartner survey revealed that more than 80% of company leaders will continue allowing remote work following the pandemic. Healthcare organizations that embrace remote workforces will benefit from the monetary and value-based opportunities it brings with it.


  • To move the needle in 2021, HR leaders will need to make a stronger business case for investments in HR-specific solutions: Savvy HR executives will advocate that improving financial performance starts with hiring quality talent and hiring quality talent requires modern recruiting tools that will lead to stronger results.


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