Full Time

Days; Includes Rotating Weekends & Call


1. Previous Experience Required: See Item 2: Previous experience is considered strongly in job applicant selection.

Must be credentialed and approved for privileges through the established Medical Staff Committees initially and on an ongoing basis.

2. Specialized or Technical Education Required: A. Graduated from a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthesia program/maintains certification through NBCRNA/AANA. B. Maintain Louisiana State Nursing Licensure. C. Must be BLS certified and is required to maintain certification. D. Must be ACLS certified and is required to maintain certification.

3. Manual or Physical Skill Required: A. Induce anesthesia. B. Maintain anesthesia at the required levels. C. Support line functions during the period in which anesthesia is administered, including induction and intubation procedures. D. Recognize and take appropriate corrective action for abnormal patient responses to anesthesia, to any adjunctive medication, or other form of therapy. E. Provide professional observation and resuscitative care until the patient has regained control of his vital functions. F. Maintain regional anesthesia previously induced by the Anesthesiologist. G. Provide emergency resuscitative skills in "Code Blue" situations throughout the hospital. H. Provide post anesthetic evaluations.

4. Physical Effort Required: Strength: Light Push: Occasionally Pull: Occasionally Carry: Occasionally Lift: Occasionally Sit: Frequently Stand: Occasionally Walk: Occasionally