NOPG Charge/Claims Supervisor

Professional Billing Services

Full Time


Monday - Fruday; 8am - 5pm

Education Requirements -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Required/Preferred Type High School Diploma/Equivalent Required Bachelor's Degree Preferred Certificate / Licensure -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- None. Experience Requirements -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Five years of clinic/hospital revenue cycle experience required. Supervisory experience preferred.

Skills / Abilities / Knowledge -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Extensive knowledge of claim forms, CPT/HCPCS codes, HCPCS Level II codes, modifiers, and all Federal and State Regulatory guidelines.

Working knowledge of billing, collection and reimbursement policies of all third party payers.

Must have strong computer skills with advanced knowledge of billing/collection/reimbursement software.

Must have excellent written and oral communication skills.

Strong knowledge of computer hardware and software.

Essential Physical Requirements -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 Strength Sedentary 2 Sit Frequently 3 Stand Frequently 4 Walk Frequently 5 Push Occasionally 6 Pull Occasionally 7 Carry Occasionally 8 Lift Occasionally Hearing (Within Normal Limits)* Yes Close Vision (Within Normal Limits)* Yes Clear/Effective Oral Communication Yes Ability to Wear Appropriate Personal Protective Equipment No * Assistive devices may be utilized during screening.

Work Environment / Hazards -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 Inside Work Yes 2 Outside Work No 3 Noise No 4 Vibration No 5 Wet/Humid No 6 Mechanical Hazards No 7 Electrical Hazards No 8 Explosive Hazards No 9 Radiation Hazards No 10 Chemical Hazards No 11 Burn Hazards No 12 Fumes/Gases/Odors No 20 Airborne (Requires N95 Mask Fit) No 13 Toxic Waste No 14 Excessive Travel No 15 Being Around Moving Machinery No 16 Driving Automatic Equipment No 17 Long/Irregular Hours No 18 Temperature No 21 Splash No