Clinical Lab Assistant


Full Time


Evenings - Varied Days

WORKING CONDITIONS This is a high stress position with exposure to dangerous, infectious materials, odorous chemicals and specimens. Individual may be exposed to low levels of radiation, electrical hazards and low levels of carcinogens as well as high exposure to needles and sharps. All working reagents containing hazardous materials are listed in detail in the "Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Manual" and available to all employees. Incumbent is responsible for this information. This individual is responsible for a variety of standardized procedures requiring constant mental concentration. Individual must be able to use independent judgment in solving common problems as well as having an understanding of collection priorities such as STAT, Urgent and Timed. Incumbent must possess the ability to plan, organize and prioritize work assignments, be physically able to stand for long periods, endure walking, ability to work under stressful conditions and have adequate vision (i.e. color blind test) to perform the job.

QUALIFICATIONS (Education/licensure) High school diploma or equivalent. 1 year of experience in a clinical laboratory setting is required. Must successfully complete in-house training under close supervision of laboratory technical staff. Must obtain and maintain a current Louisiana license as a Laboratory Assistant.

PHYSICAL EFFORT REQUIRED: Strength: Light Push: Frequently Pull: Occasionally Carry: Occasionally Lift: Occasionally Sit: Occasionally Stand: Frequently Walk: Frequently