Physician Assistant

Surgery (Operating Room)

Full Time

Varied Shift

1.0; 80 hrs/pp; Varied Shift


Previous experience required

Verity Health System offers a dynamic environment for individuals dedicated to careers in health care -- whether you seek a clinical or administrative role.  Created in December 2015, the new Verity Health System team is working to revitalize our facilities to create a more welcoming, healing environment for our patients.  We are investing in new technology to advance our delivery of safe, quality patient care.  If you welcome the challenge of re-inventing healthcare for the patients we serve at our Verity Health hospitals and through our Verity Medical Foundation, this could be the opportunity for you.  With more than 8,000 employees and physicians, Verity Health is a non-profit, non-religious health care system with 1,650 inpatient beds, six active emergency rooms and host of medical specialties including:  orthopedics, transplant surgery, cardiology, maternal/child health and wound care, among other specialties.  We are committed to the Verity Values of Caring, Respect, Integrity, Passion and Stewardship and the goal of serving our communities for generations to come. 


Definition of a physician assistant (PA): A physician assistant is a person who is a graduate of a school  approved by the AMA Board of Approval and Certification of Physician Assistant Programs, and may provide medical services appropriate to his or her training, experience, and skills, under the supervision of a registered physician.


Supervisory requirements and delineations of privileges for PAs:

·     A PA may provide medical services only when such services are performed under the supervision of a registered physician.

·     The surgical physician assistants are supervised by the responsible physician who is readily available for consultation, either in person or by telephone.

·     Such supervision must be continuous, but does not require the physical presence of a supervisory physician.

·     When the supervisory physician is absent, another licensed physician assumes temporary supervisory responsibility for the PAs.

·     The supervising physician is responsible for assessing the level of professional training and expertise of the PA, and for the supervision and recommendation of medical duties appropriate to the PA's level of professional training and experience, as well as other conditions set forth within this document.

·     According to medical staff by-laws and regulations, all historical and physician data gathered by the PA must be reviewed by the supervisory physician.


Prohibition of PA services:

·     A PA may not obtain surgical consents, autopsy permissions, or organ donation permissions.


Record keeping and written orders:

  • All orders written by a PA must be countersigned by a physician at chart review.
  • PAs may write and sign progress notes.
  • PAs may write and sign discharge summaries, as well as transfer summaries.
  • Discharge summaries must be countersigned by the supervisory physician.
  • PAs may fill out laboratory/x-ray requisitions.
  • Rules governing house officer order-writing preference shall apply to the PA in the same manner as his or her supervising physician.


Responsibilities of medication ordering:

  • Written Orders: The PA may write orders according to delineated approval by the Medical Executive Committee and the board of trustees in accordance with the PA prescription regulations of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and may renew or rewrite orders previously approved by the supervisory physician.
  • Verbal Orders: Verbal orders may be communicated from the supervising physician to the PA, who should promptly write the orders in the patient chart (on physician order sheets). The PA shall indicate the order is being written per the verbal order of the supervising physician. In an emergency, the PA may give verbal orders.
  • The nurse is responsible for the administration of medication to the patient.


Details of employment of a PA:

  • The PA must be a graduate of an AMA recognized PA training program and meet the requirements of the state.
  • The supervising physician will be responsible for administrative control of the PA and his/her supervision.
  • The PA will be insured for ____ per incident and ____ annual aggregate under the hospital's liability policy. This coverage only extends to employment related activities.




·         A graduate of an AMA-recognized physician assistant training program that is accredited by the Accreditation Review Commission or Education for Physician Assistant.

Work Experience:

·     State Physician Assistant License


Knowledge/ Skills/ Abilities:

·         The PA practices in accordance with acceptable medical standards, informs each patient that he or she is not a physician, and renders medical services only under the supervision of a full licensee.

·         A physician reviews all historical and physical data according to medical staff by-laws and regulations.

·         A PA wears his or her ID at all times while providing patient care.

·         In any emergency situation, a PA may render emergency medical services necessary to avoid disability or death of an injured person until a doctor arrives.

·         The PA will participate in the hospital's quality improvement and risk management programs.

·         The PA will complete medical records in a timely manner according to the medical staff by-laws and rules and regulations.