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Category: Technician/Technologist
Facility: Indiana Orthopaedic Hospital
Department: IOH Instrument Room
Req#: 1094
Schedule: Full Time (36+ hrs)
Shift: Evening Shift
Hours: 3p-1130p
Job Details: High School/GED
1 year of experience required




GENERAL STATEMENT OF DUTIES:  Provides for instrument processing including decontamination, washing, wrapping and sterilization.


TYPICAL PHYSICAL DEMANDS:  Physically capable of listening and understanding OR personnel wearing routine OR attire, i.e. masks.  Capable of wearing PPEs due to potential body fluid exposure.  Physically capable of moving or transporting supplies, instruments and equipment within reasonable weight limits (at least 20 pounds).


TYPICAL WORKING CONDITIONS:  Exposure to communicable diseases, toxic substances, ionizing radiation, medicinal preparations and other conditions common to a surgical environment.


EXAMPLES OF DUTIES:  (This list may not include all of the duties assigned.)


1.      Handles multiple priorities while working alone or with others effectively.

2.      Attends all required mandatory educational, safety and department-specific competency training programs and can describe his/her responsibilities related to general safety, department/service safety, specific job-related hazards and regulatory compliance.

3.      Follows the hospital exposure control plans/bloodborne and airborne pathogens.

4.      Adheres to guidelines for infection control in the OR and Instrument Room.

5.      Provides and gives cooperative and courteous service to patients, staff, visitors and others as part of the organization’s commitment to quality service.

6.      Demonstrates respect and regard for the dignity of all patients, families, visitors and fellow employees to ensure a professional, responsible and courteous environment. 

7.      Promotes effective working relations and works effectively as part of a departmental team inter- and intradepartmentally to facilitate the department’s/unit’s ability to meet its goals and objectives.

8.      Fosters an environment that nurtures collaboration, teamwork and mutual respect through effective communication.  Demonstrates positive communication skills evidenced by effective working relationships.

9.      Optimizes use of time by efficiently using resources to identify barriers and balance priorities.  Efficiently utilizes tools, resources, techniques and/or systems to organize tasks.  Balances multiple priorities simultaneously, ensuring the timely and accurate completion of each task, while maintaining quality standards.

10.  Maintains confidentiality of all hospital and patient information at all times as observed by peers and management.

11.  Assists Director in development, implementation and evaluation of ongoing service programs that ensure quality nursing and patient care programs consistent with the hospital mission.

12.  Assists Director in monitoring/maintaining unit compliance with regulatory, accrediting and hospital policy for patient services and environmental and personnel safety.

13.  Accurately identifies real/potential problems affecting the service and implements solutions with follow-through and communication.

14.  Collaborates with Director to provide service that is consistent with the patient care beliefs and shared management philosophy of the department.

15.  Responsible for ongoing development of staff and unit specific patient care programs.

16.  Approachable and displays appropriate communication skills to staff and surgeons.  Responsible for communication horizontally and vertically within the organization.

17.  In collaboration with the Director, responsible for effective and efficient fiscal management of department operations to ensure proper utilization of organizational and financial resources.

18.  In collaboration with the Directors, responsible for department’s operational excellence; ensures department delivers quality service in accordance with applicable policies, procedures and professional standards.

19.  Ensures the day-to-day functions of department run smoothly by being visible in the department 75% of scheduled time.

20.  Observes confidentiality and ensures the staff does as well.

21.  Participates in continuing education and ensures staff is able to attend and benefit from continuing education.

22.  Follows departmental and hospital policies/procedures and safety policies.

23.  Enforces department and hospital policies/procedures and holds staff accountable to these.

24.  Completes and adjusts patient assignment so that care is delivered in a timely, cost-effective and clinically efficacious manner.

25.  Participates in performance improvement and customer service activities.  Retrieves data and prepares reports for QA/Risk Management, as needed.

26.  Completes workflow schedules to meet patient care needs and budget.

27.  Monitors workflow and adjusts assignments to assure optimum workflow.

28.  Ensures there is lunch relief and shifts are covered.  May need to cover lunches/shifts in the event of unforeseen circumstances, i.e. call-in, procedure running late, etc.

29.  Demonstrates adaptability.

30.  Assures that unit and equipment are maintained to promote optimum operations and a pleasant and safe physical environment.

31.  Participates in planning and implementing unit goals.  Assures that all staff knows their responsibility and accountability to achieve these goals.

32.  Supports and encourages staff development by assigning time for staff to participate.

33.  Provides feedback for staff performance in a timely fashion within human resource guidelines.  Provides information and professional support to staff.

34.  Assists with completion of performance reviews.  Provides input into evaluation with reference to improvements in a non-critical manner.

35.  Supports customer service by being a customer advocate.

36.  Initiates the progressive disciplinary process at the time a serious event is discovered.

37.  Anticipates needs, problems and crises before they occur and develops a reasonable action plan to make course corrections that reduce the likelihood of problems going unattended.

38.  Demonstrates excellent critical thinking skills.

39.  Collaborates with all members of the healthcare unit.

40.  Delivers care for identified patient population and scope of service directly and assures that all care givers within area of responsibility do the same.

41.  Uses computer equipment efficiently.

42.  Resolves problems in a timely and appropriate manner.

43.  Consistently meets the hospital’s published customer service quality standards.

44.  Adjusts interpersonal approach to others in order to achieve the best results that produce the desired outcomes.

45.  Maintains objectivity in all interactions with others.  Serves as a role model and resource for staff.

46.  Insures proper operation of autoclave units prior to use on a daily basis.

47.  Runs biological and chemical tests at beginning of the day shift.  Records results in appropriate log.

48.  Inspects gas and steam autoclaves for visible signs of malfunction and reports to supervisor.

49.  Processes and oversees all contaminated instruments and supplies returned to instrument room.

50.  Uses knowledge of sterilization principles to correctly wrap or package items for sterilization.

51.  Processes all items appropriately using either ethylene oxide or steam sterilization.

52.  Maintains appropriate spore testing on routine basis and documents results as required.

53.  Assists with processing department supply charges and any other clerical work related to the instrument room, as requested.

54.  Applies aseptic techniques in daily work assignments.  Performs general cleaning of department service areas, racks, shelves, storage cabinets and all storage areas.

55.  Knowledgeable regarding handling and care of instruments, tray preparation and special procedure items.

56.  Performs tray assemblage, proper packaging and preparation of all applicable supplies from sterilization.  Monitors sterility dates on supplies.

57.  Properly loads, operates and cleans all sterilizers, gas and steam, and all general equipment using biological and chemical control tests as required by department.

58.  Maintains preventative maintenance procedures and control procedures on electrical heating and cooling units.  Completes repair orders for Engineering Department for any unit found inoperable.

59.  Sterilizes instruments, equipment, utensils, linen and supplies using various types of autoclaves and aerators.  Loads autoclaves in the prescribed manner and sets controls to specified time and temperature according to material and requirements of items being sterilized. Completes appropriate documentation records prior to sterilization.  Reads and initials autoclave graph to verify appropriate sterilization cycle and provides required records for inspection.

60.  Assembles all instrument procedure trays, packs and kits according to the prescribed manner using content lists as a guide.  Wraps packages and handles all items following procedure.  Marks items with identifying data and distributes or stores in designated area.  Notifies supervisor when unable to replace parts or when equipment is deficient in the work area.

61.  Disassembles and cleans equipment such as suction machines, IV monitors, heating pumps, wheelchairs and walkers using approved disinfectants, detergents, soaps and cleaners.  Reassembles equipment after cleaning and operates to test for proper functioning.  Replaces lost or damaged parts such as tubes, containers and connectors from stock on hand.  Completes required forms and transfers inoperable equipment to the appropriate holding area for repair.

62.  Maintains assigned work areas and equipment in a clean and organized condition to maintain required standards for handling sterilized and clean materials and to maintain a safe work environment.

63.  Assists in orientation of new employees to each work assignment area and overall department operation.

64.  Performs other related duties as required such as examining sterilization/expiration dates; reporting inoperable equipment; making visual inventory inspections to maintain adequate stock and supply levels; tests effectiveness of autoclave function by assembling and placing culture spore tests following procedure; stores new and reprocessed equipment and supplies; cleans shelves and work areas and mops liquid spills from floors as necessary.

65.  Participates in departmental performance improvement and customer service activities.




Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:  Accountable for quality/reliability of assigned tasks in assisting the provision of patient care consistent with hospital policy and procedure.


Education:  Graduate from high school.


Experience:  Knowledge of patient care and aseptic technique gained by a minimum of 2-3 years experience in a healthcare facility.


Certificate/License:  CPR certification.   CRCST certification.


OrthoIndy is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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