Automated Reference Checking helps hiring managers avoid bad decisions while improving process efficiencies. Ensuring candidates are screened is necessary for compliance purposes, and more importantly, for the safety of patients and residents. However, checking references by phone is time-consuming, inconsistent, and offers little insight into the quality-of-hire. HealthcareSource offers a candidate-driven, automated reference screening tool that leverages behavioral science. 

References receive a personalized email and link from your candidate, directing them to a welcome page for the survey.
Save Time & Increase Completion Rates 

Make the process of contacting candidates and collecting references easier with Automated Reference Checking. Candidates invite their references to complete an anonymous, online survey with the ability to generate automatic reminders to keep the process moving. You’ll see higher completion rates because the reference receives a personal request from the candidate rather than an unsolicited call from a recruiter or hiring manager they do not know.

Sample question that a reference provider answers about your candidate.
Capture Meaningful, Candid Feedback 

References respond to questions about your candidate from their desktop or mobile device. Allowing reference providers to respond to the online survey at a time of their choosing provides meaningful responses beyond checking the box and elicits candid feedback. 

HRA SC – Assessment Summary Results
Assess Candidate Fit to Decrease Turnover 

The ability to evaluate candidates against benchmarks provides hiring managers with additional insights on final candidates.

Reference providers receive questions that determine their interest in current or future openings with your organization.
Grow Your Talent Pool

Upon completion of a survey, reference providers can opt into receiving communications from your organization about current or future jobs. Past references are often great sources for hard-to-fill positions. 

Reference Report 

This report shows you how your candidate compares to benchmarks developed through behavioral science.

Email Invitation Templates 

Candidates invite reference providers to complete the reference check via customizable email templates.

Reference Provider Survey

Reference providers respond to a structured, online survey consisting of scientifically validated questions.

Sourcing Pool

Allow candidates’ references to opt in to be considered for current and future openings at your organization.

Hire Better with Automated Reference Checking

Automated Reference Checking can help you overcome your time-to-fill and sourcing challenges, as well as when hiring managers take on the role of recruiting.

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