HealthcareSource Employee Onboarding gives recruiters and human resources a paperless hiring process that starts with the candidate job offer via a customizable email template. You can capture electronic signatures on federal, state, and company documents. Providing new hires with the onboarding paperwork before their first day means day one can be a more meaningful experience. Employee Onboarding offers easy access, 24/7, to view, share, or print employees’ onboarding documents.

Extend the Job Offer

Offer your candidate a job using branded email templates. Candidates simply click on a link in the electronic job offer to begin signing their new-hire forms.

Capture Electronic Signatures

Electronic onboarding makes it easy for your new hire to review, sign, and date company-specific policies, as well state and federal forms. Forms can be completed online through a desktop or mobile device. Each document is populated with demographic information the candidate supplied during the application process, saving your new hire time and making a good first impression.

Ensure Paperwork Compliance

The completion of new-hire forms in an electronic format ensures all required documentation is captured in your applicant tracking system for easy retrieval by recruiters, human resources, or department managers. Run compliance reports by company, location, or job title to ensure all assigned steps in your new hire process, including onboarding, are 100% complete. HealthcareSource Employee Onboarding allows you to conduct a personnel file audit from your desk.

Onboarding Dashboard

View a summary of all candidates with outstanding job offers, their onboarding completion status, and scheduled start dates.

Electronic Employee Record

Store signed employee documents in an electronic format with access to view, print, or email at any time.

New-Hire Forms

Present all new-hire forms in an electronic format for your new hire’s digital signature and date.


Highgate Senior Living

Autumn Mathis
Field Manager

We love the onboarding process. It is very easy for our new employees to complete. They have paperwork finished before orientation, saving at least an hour that would have been spent filling out forms. The electronically signed onboarding forms have made our files look so much cleaner and more organized.

Streamline the Process with Employee Onboarding

HealthcareSource Employee Onboarding helps you get new hires up to speed faster by completing all the paperwork electronically before their first day of work.

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