HealthcareSource Interview Guide equips senior living interviewers with questions based on the candidate’s behavioral assessment results. The targeted guide helps hiring managers focus on position- and candidate-specific competencies, resulting in more productive and consistent interviews.

 Generate the Interview Guide based on your candidate's assessment results.
Improve Hiring Outcomes

Improve the quality of your interviews — and quality-of-hire — using our candidate- and position-specific interview guide. Questions are driven by your candidate’s assessment results. If a candidate scores poorly in a particular area, a follow-up question will generate, helping the interviewer to dig deeper. Arming your hiring managers with this additional insight about candidates and targeted interview questions helps interviewers make informed hiring decisions.

Easily create position- or candidate-specific questions for interview guides.
Customize the Interview

A customizable Interview Guide makes it easy for interviewers to add their own questions, view questions used by other interviewers for related jobs, and see question effectiveness ratings driven by interview feedback. If you have identified a set of questions you would like to use every time for a certain position, it is easy to create job-specific templates to make your interviews consistent and effective.

 Multiple interviewers rate candidates resulting in an overall interview score.
Involve Multiple Interviewers

Getting multiple perspectives on an incoming candidate can make a huge difference when it comes to selecting the right person for the job. Interviews can be conducted at the same time by multiple interviewers or separately. As a recruiter, you may conduct the initial interview and the hiring manager conducts the final interview. With HealthcareSource, both the manager’s feedback and yours can easily be factored into the overall candidate interview ratings.

Targeted Questions

Ask questions tailored to your candidate, driven by behavioral assessment results.

Interview Scorecard

Provide ratings by interview question, an overall rating, and add comments so you can compare applicants when deciding.


Invite candidates to the interview using customizable, branded email templates.


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Kim Roberts
Human Resources Manager

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I love the interview guides. They help ensure a consistent hiring process.

Improve Your Hiring with Interview Guides

Our Interview Guides help ensure consistency for senior living hiring managers who have to take on recruiting.

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