Automatically distribute job postings to a variety of talent attraction channels, including national job boards, niche job sites, and social networks. Recruiters can also post jobs as the need arises. Track all your job posting activity in one place so you can get a complete picture of your efforts and make business decisions based on the effectiveness of different job posting channels. 

Post your open positions to job boards and social media channels.
Post Open Positions to Multiple Channels 

Streamline how you broadcast your open positions beyond your career site. With easy-to-use tools, your recruiters can post to many free, paid, general, or niche boards quickly, gaining back hours in their day. Your recruiters can also post jobs on social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to increase exposure for your job postings.

Automate your job posting process to increase efficiency.
Automate Your Job Posting Process 

Create predefined criteria to automate the job posting process. On a scheduled basis, send jobs to a single job board or group of boards. Your recruiters can use the time previously spent posting jobs manually to focus on other more strategic activities. 

Make job spend decisions at the time you post your open positions.
Manage Your Job Advertising Spend 

Manage your advertising spend by understanding your job marketing activities. You can track the number of jobs you post to paid boards and social channels to ensure you are staying on target and budget. With all your job posting information centralized in one system, you can get a complete picture of your team’s activities. 

Analyze your job posting efforts to determine the channels that lead to the most hires.
Analyze Job Posting Effectiveness 

Knowledge is power when it comes to deciding where to spend your job posting dollars. You need to understand the sources that bring you the most qualified talent. Understanding which advertising efforts lead to the most hires informs future decisions. The Source Tracking report analyzes how you use job distribution channels and identifies the methods that lead to the most hires. 

Post Open Jobs 

Distribute job postings to job boards, niche sites, and social channels.

Automate the Process  

Streamline and automate your job posting process to save hours for recruiters. 

Manage Advertising Spend

Use this centralized system to make informed decisions about how to promote open positions.

Optimize Job Posting Activities 

Analyze your job posting results to find the right job promotion mix.

Hire Faster with Job Postings

Post your openings with the Job Posting capability, so you can use a mix of channels to increase candidate volume and decrease time-to-fill

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Laura Gosney
Recruitment Manager

The reporting functionality in Job Broadcast is wonderful! The ability to see the effectiveness of our job postings makes deciding where to invest recruiting dollars much easier.