A good first impression is key to effective employee engagement and productivity. Our Onboarding capability offers a mobile-friendly design that includes the ability to complete forms online – anytime, anywhere. This frees you up to focus on the most important component of the onboarding process: assimilating your new hires into your healthcare organization and culture.

Send customizable offers and other key documents to new hires.
Engage with New Employees Right from the Start

Begin the experience with your brand by extending a warm welcome to candidates with a customizable offer letter along with other important onboarding documents.

Onboarding forms are prepopulated with key candidate data.
Streamline for Faster Onboarding

Automate onboarding with welcome letters and new hire documents. Simplify the document completion process by prepopulating forms with key candidate information that integrates with standard onboarding documents, such as W-4s or forms unique to your organization.

Our mobile-optimization means forms can be completed on any internet-enabled device.
Mobile-Optimized Design Shortens Time-to-Start

Designed for use on any internet-enabled device, HealthcareSource Onboarding fits into your new hires’ lives, shortening their ramp-up to productivity.

New Hire Wizard

Leverage this step-by-step guide that prepopulates key forms and shortens your time-to-complete.

HRIS Integration

Easily import key data and documents into your HRIS, ensuring consistency and accuracy.

Better Outcomes with Better Onboarding

Use HealthcareSource Onboarding to engage with new employees right from the start and reduce your time-to-fill.