Track employees’ performance over time with Performance Appraisals. Employees, peers, and managers can work collaboratively to identify development opportunities and build a culture of accountability. Behavioral Assessment integrations let managers view and select prescribed development activities for employees to help support their career ambitions. Employee Profile Summaries present an employee’s performance metrics, offering vital information for internal mobility decisions.

In Performance Appraisals, employees view all assigned activities and tasks via the My Folder dashboard.
Ensure Employees Are Aligned with Business Objectives

It’s easy to conduct effective performance appraisals, create development plans, support employee goals, and provide ongoing coaching to foster the continuous development needed to deliver quality care. From the My Folder view, employees can easily see all their assigned tasks to ensure alignment with business objectives.

Employee Profile Summary provides an overview of an employee’s performance-related information.
Promote Employee Development and Growth

An Employee Profile Summary provides managers with an overview of all performance-related information. Every area of an employee’s profile is represented, making it easy for you to evaluate growth and development opportunities. Leadership qualities are represented in an easy-to-understand graph for quick assessment.

Managers and peers can contribute to overall employee performance evaluations by providing year-round, real-time feedback and peer recognition.
Create a Culture of Continuous Feedback

Managers and peers can contribute to employee performance evaluations by providing year-round, real-time feedback and recognition.

Integrated Behavioral Competencies

Ensure your staff has the right mix of knowledge, skills, and attitudes to successfully provide quality care.

Peer & Continuous Feedback

Easily capture ongoing coaching and feedback through multiple appraisal formats and peer recognition tools.

Performance Expectations

Employees’ electronic signatures indicate consent to abide by job-specific performance expectations.

Succession Planning

Identify and develop high-potential employees to quickly fill future vacancies in your most critical jobs.


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Joanne Davignon
Director, Human Resources

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Automating performance appraisals has improved accountability for both managers and employees with everyone clear on expectations. Now employees know from their first day what it takes for them to succeed.

Optimize Your Workforce with Performance Appraisals

Our Performance Appraisal capability helps you save valuable time by making employee engagement, development, and leadership selection easy and efficient.

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