Our Recruiting Solution allows you to build a pipeline of qualified contingent staff with an online application process customized with your branding. You can ensure candidates are qualified via the discipline-specific skills checklist and competency tests assigned to them based on their information. Create onboarding forms that have auto-fill features to expedite candidates' time to placement. Easily track the progress of the candidates and their documents.

Skills checklist for critical care to measure proficiency and frequency.
Nationally Validated Competency Tests & Skills Assessments

Unlimited access to 180+ nationally validated competency tests and skills assessments helps you qualify candidates before you hire them. These tests and assessments are routinely developed, reviewed, and validated by a clinical advisory board and review board comprised of real-world clinicians and practitioners. Our auto-assignment features allow you to create custom rules that assign candidates the skills checklists and competency tests appropriate for their discipline.

Easily Create & Route Onboarding Forms

You can easily create electronic onboarding forms by scanning the document and using the drag-and-drop feature to create the data fields necessary for form completion. Forms can also contain auto-filled fields to make completion easier for candidates. Onboarding packets that include multiple forms can be assigned to temp candidates for review and electronic signature.

Contingent Talent Management Candidate Application Packet
Candidate Application Packet

Our Contingent Talent Management compliance engine allows healthcare staffing agencies to configure the application packet at any point in the recruiting and onboarding process. Application and competency assessments can be automatically assigned based on certification and specialty. Requirements are presented as tasks so candidates can visualize their progress toward supplying the agency with information needed to make a hiring decision.

Online Application

Create a superior candidate experience and shorten your application start-to-completion rates.

Skills Checklist Library

Assign skills checklists so you can make better staffing decisions based upon what your clients need.

Competency Testing Library

Access 180+ clinically validated competency tests and skills checklists to fully qualify your contingent staff.

Electronic Onboarding

Quickly onboard your contingent staff with our easy-to-create online and electronic signature forms and auto-fill features.


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Julia Irving

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Automated emails were a big selling point, especially when you are trying to compete and timing is crucial. The employee credentialing portion was also a plus. With the software, paperwork is ready and automated, which saves me a lot of time.


Recruit & Onboard Contingent Workers Quickly

Our Recruiting Solution ensures your contingent workforce is qualified and ready to go, improving your time-to-place metrics.

Recruiting Solution Datasheet

Lean how to build a pipeline and qualify the capabilities of contingent staff, then streamline your processes with electronic onboarding and document management. Download now »

Clinical Library Overview

Join 200+ healthcare staffing agencies that use our nationally validated, shared library of discipline-specific competency tests, skills checklists, and in-service materials.  Download now »

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