HealthcareSource Partners with Background Checking Vendors to Provide a Seamless Experience

Integrating background checking software with HealthcareSource Applicant Tracking solutions allows HR managers to easily order and retrieve background checks from within the system. As a result, recruiters and hiring managers can more easily process and evaluate candidates.

We integrate background check forms (such as the FCRA and consumer report disclosure and release) directly into the HealthcareSource application for candidate review and sign-off. The required personal information is collected (and kept separate from the employment application information) through an additional form we add to the employment application.

Recruiters can initiate the background check process via a button in the HealthcareSource application, and then the applicant data is automatically sent to the background check vendor, eliminating the need for HR to do anything else. The background check status displays in the applicant summary view in the HealthcareSource application.

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