About Fusion Marketing Group

Fusion Marketing Group is a full-service Recruitment Marketing/Advertising agency focusing solely on healthcare. Fusion’s partnership with HealthcareSource offers clients a seamless transition of all recruitment marketing efforts into the Applicant Tracking System, ensuring the best possible candidate experience. This includes our complete suite of Tracking and Analytics, Retargeting, Digital Marketing Solutions, Hiring Events, and all other marketing efforts.  Like HealthcareSource, Fusion completely understands the recruitment/talent acquisition challenges facing the healthcare industry.


  • Recruitment Marketing
  • Recruitment Advertising
  • Tracking and Analytics
  • Retargeting
  • Digital Marketing Solutions
  • Hiring Events
HealthcareSource Certified Integration Partner


Partner Type:
Recruitment Advertising

Markets Served:

  • Hospitals & Providers
  • Senior Living
  • Staffing Agencies

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