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Department: Adult Care
Schedule: Full-Time
Shift: Days
Job Details:
  • Coordinates the development and implementation of the monthly activities calendar under the direction of the LPN Coordinator. [1. Implements daily scheduled activities. 2. Facilitates weekly planning meetings with the activities staff. 3. Delegates activity assignments to appropriate staff and volunteers, providing instruction and/or direction as needed. 4. Creates an atmosphere that invites staff, participant, family and caregiver input and participation. 5. Provides ongoing communication to ensure continuity, quality, and maximum enjoyment. 6. Submits monthly calendar and newsletter articles by date designated. 7. Encourages or guides the participants to find meaningful activity and/or social relationships. 8. Creates a healing environment that includes laughter, challenge, success, compassion, encouragement, excitement, self-worth, acceptance, and purpose. 9. Seeks new opportunities for entertainment, volunteers, and donations.] Implements special events/theme celebrations 3 to 4 times a year and coordinates field trips under the direction of the LPN Coordinator. [1. Creates an atmosphere that encourages new and exciting ideas from participants, staff, volunteers, and family members, for timely holiday or theme related, and/or collaborative special events. 2. Selects ideas under the direction of the LPN Coordinator. 3. Assigns tasks appropriately to staff and volunteers. Provides instruction and/or direction as needed. 4. Plans for 2-3 "spin off" activities for the participants. (make decorations, invitations) 5. Provides ongoing communication to ensure staff and participant maximum participation, collaboration, and enjoyment. 6. Communicates special event details to manager for possible press release and media attention. 7. Coordinates field trips under the direction of the LPN Coordinator. 8. Assists in the development and implementation of marketing goals.] Participates in Plan of Care meetings under the direction of the Nursing Coordinator and facilitates a monthly participant council meeting. [1. Schedules and facilitates the monthly participant council meeting to include participants, 1 direct care staff member, and the manager or her designee. 2. Completes minutes and posts in the foyer. 3. Acknowledges promptly participant requests and suggestions, and wherever possible, implements under the direction of the LPN Coordinator. 4. Participates in the Plan of Care meetings which includes activity assessment, goal setting, documentation and to maintain contractual compliancy. 5. Communicates Plan of Care goals, under the direction of the Nursing staff, with activity assistants, aides, and volunteers and assigns tasks as appropriate. Provides instruction/direction as needed, monitors progress, and documents outcomes on the Plan of Care.] Assists the participants with activities of daily living (toileting, ambulating, eating, showers) as assigned or as needed in accordance with the Plan of Care under the direction of the nursing staff. [1. Provides assistance with activities of daily living in a professional, compassionate, and dignified manner. Explains the assistance provided and tailors the communication in accordance with the age, level of understanding, and cultural needs of each participant. 2. Assists with toileting needs of the participants during program transitions and as needed. 3. Assists with meal preparation and delivery, cognizant of special diets, needs, likes/dislikes and sanitation practices. 4. Occasionally assists with showers. Observes sanitation practices in accordance with program and hospital policy and contractual requirements. 5. Adheres to infection control practices and policies. 6. Communicates any change in participant condition/concern to the LPN Coordinator. 7. Anticipates participant needs, program, transitions and scheduled activities to ensure continuity and maximum enjoyment.] Maintains appropriate supply levels in a neat, organized and safe manner. [1. Purchases supplies and entertainment within budgetary parameters. 2. Maintains appropriate supplies to support the implementation of the monthly calendar and the individual needs and interests of the participants. 3. Organizes supplies for the day in advance for maximum participant enjoyment and timeliness. 4. Stores supplies in compliance with safety and fire codes and are clearly marked for quick easy use by all staff members. 5. Assigns tasks to appropriate staff and volunteers under the direction of the LPN Coordinator and provides instruction/direction as needed.] [] Certification Reqd: Activities certification, First Aid and CPR Skills Reqd: Good organizational skills, good communication skills, written and verbal, and interpersonal skills. Min Experience: 1 year experience with the elderly Min Education: High School

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