Rehab Services Mgmt/Clerical

Full Time

Day Shift

M-Th 9:30 am -6 pm F 8:30 am -5 pm

Not Applicable
No Experience Required

Primary Responsibilities:

Responsible for the computerized scheduling of all initial outpatient evaulations for Rehab department, as well as Insurance Verification, Pre-Certification, and Pre-Registration processes of those appointments. Responsible for the scheduling of self-pay patients for Financial Counseling as appropriate. (how what process) and obtaining self-pay documentation for patients who will be paying for services theirselves.


Individual performance and competency based skills are maintained through ongoing assessment of competence and educational activities. Written performance evaluations are conducted on an annual basis. 1. Successful completion of the Reid Hospital orientation and competency based skills appropriate for the position. 2. Knowledge of medical terminology and patient needs related to their diagnosis for appropriate scheduling. 3. Proficient in the use of computers and other business machines. Preferred knowledge in the following software applications but not limited to: Microsoft based applications including Outlook, SMS Invision (Patient Management and Orders Processing pathways), Loxigon, the Internet and Scheduling.Com. Proficiently operates telephone systems, copiers, Fax machines, Printers. Voicert, and automated eligibility systems. 4. Accuracy and speed in typing required (30 wpm). 5. Must be able to communicate effectively (orally and written). 6. Demonstrates ability to work as team member. 7. Demonstrates ability to provide excellent customer service and offers suggestions to improve customer service and patient satisfaction. 8. Ability to react and communicate professionally under stressful situations. Ability to accept change in a positive manner. 9. Ability to rapidly collect data from multiple sources and to distribute the end result to that process in an accurate and professional manner. 10. Must be able to make independent decisions under unusual circumstances in order to meet scheduling needs and expectations. 11. Must be familiar with Medicare, Medicaid, and other insurance plans related to medical coverage offered by these plans and understand pre-certification and medical necessity of these plans. 12. Must be able to met physican expectations and demands when scheduling procedure. 13. Must understand each discipline offered by all Rehabilitation Services and identify the patient preps required before these services can be completed. 14. Must be detailed oriented, be able to handle stress, multi task, and work in a fast paced environment.

Additional Information:

Reid is committed to providing quality service. We take pride in having employees who genuinely care about people and who are inspired by a desire to help others. Reid's goal is to select individuals who will provide outstanding care and uphold Reid's C.A.R.E. principles of Courtesy, Attitude, Respect and Enthusiasm at all times.