Finding a Talent Management Partner to Streamline Internal Processes: Deaconess Hospitals’ Story

Oftentimes the key to transforming your talent management success starts with overhauling your internal processes. At least, that’s what Deaconess Hospitals decided they needed to do when they realized their outdated, clunky hiring technology was making their work harder than it should be. We spoke with Katie Burnett, Manager of Employment and Employee Relations for Deaconess, to learn more about why her organization chose HealthcareSource as their talent management partner and how their HR department’s processes have improved since implementing multiple HealthcareSource solutions.

Improving the User-Experience 

Burnett recalled that before implementing HealthcareSource’s applicant tracking system, their system was broken. More specifically, it was not user-friendly for applicants, the HR team, or for hiring managers. That’s why Burnett and her team chose to adopt HealthcareSource’s applicant tracking system to smooth out the application process and provide a more user-friendly interface for internal employees. 

After a simple and painless implementation of the applicant tracking system, employees started to realize the value of HealthcareSource solutions, and decided to adopt HealthcareSource Performance Manager as well. “We went from an in-house system and paper forms to switching to Performance Manager,” Burnett says. “So, it was a big lift, but we’re really happy with it. In fact, we’re in the middle of our evaluation season right now, and it’s been a positive experience using Performance Manager due to its ease-of-use and its reporting capabilities.”

“We get a lot of good feedback on Performance Manager,” she continues. “It's made a process that everyone dreaded into a much easier process for us.”

Streamlining and Efficiency

After success with the applicant tracking and performance management solutions, Burnett says the Deaconess HR team continued to add to their suite of HealthcareSource solutions to streamline processes and increase efficiencies. For example, the team added HealthcareSource Reference Assessments to help recruiters and hiring managers cut back on time spent playing phone tag with and verifying applicants’ references. “We like Reference Assessments because they save us energy,” Burnett says. “We’ve been really happy with that process — it’s saved us a lot of time and money.”

More Strategic Interviews

“Next, we purchased HealthcareSource Staff Assessments,” says Burnett. “We feel like that has been a game-changer for us. Staff Assessments has really enabled us to have a better view of the candidates we are considering and really get a feel for the things that matter for us, which is the behavioral aspects of people versus just their skills,” Burnett explains. “We can teach anybody skills, but we can’t teach everyone how to play nice in the sandbox.” 

HealthcareSource Staff Assessments uses scientifically validated behavioral competencies to help hiring teams better understand their candidates earlier on in the interview stage. “The team feels like this is a game changer for them – they can find out more information than just that what we feel about a candidate, like it's a shot in the dark,” she says. “We did behavioral based interviewing before, but we feel like this gives us such a better view of who the person is before we invite them in for an interview.”

Partner vs. Vendor

An important part of Deaconess Hospitals’ satisfaction with their suite of HealthcareSource products is the responsiveness of the support team. “Just yesterday I sent an enhancement request,” says Burnett. “They processed my request within 24 hours and sent me a copy of what the update would look like when it was completed, so I am happy with the level of support.” She adds, “I really do feel like it is a partnership where we’re working together. They hear our challenges and are very responsive to them.”

I really do feel like it is a partnership where we're working together. They hear our challenges and are very responsive to them.

Katie Burnett
Manager of Employment and Employee Relations
Deaconess Hospitals


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