Morning Pointe Tackles Turnover with HealthcareSource Senior Living


When it comes to employee turnover, you can’t fix the problem without changing your process. Turnover is a major human resources hurdle in our country today. The senior care industry, with its high caregiver burnout rate, is no exception. But hurdles aren’t meant to stop you; they’re not roadblocks. Hurdles are meant to be jumped.


Morning Pointe implemented HealthcareSource Senior LivingSM  in 2012. At the time, their company-wide turnover rate was sitting at 37 percent. Drilling the data down further, resident assistants had a turnover rate of 38 percent, while all other jobs were experiencing 36 percent turnover.


After two years of using Senior Living, the turnover rate for every job but resident assistant plummeted eleven points to 25 percent, while turnover for resident assistants dropped to 35 percent. Across the entire company, Senior Living was able to lower Morning Pointe’s employee turnover rate by 19 percent. How was this accomplished?

Using the Senior Living assessments and selection tools, Morning Pointe was able to get a more complete picture of their job applicants, leading to less surprises once those new hires were on the floor. Candidates who scored poorly on assessments that measured judgment were up to three times more likely to turn over than those who scored well. Likewise, candidates who demonstrated poor job knowledge were up to 57 percent more likely to turn over than those with exceptional job knowledge. Once the numbers were in, the results spoke for themselves: assessments work.

The lesson here? Assess, don’t guess. The best way to tackle turnover is to hire the right people from the start.

HealthcareSource Senior LivingSM is formerly known as Vikus Corporation.
Morning Pointe Senior Living, Assisted Living & Alzheimer’s Care

HealthcareSource always goes above and beyond when helping my team. The process is seamless and simple.

Melissa Locke
SPHR, Vice President of Human Resources
Morning Pointe


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