Marketing and Sales Coordinator




Full Time


Riverside Health System is seeking a full time Marketing and Sales Coordinator to work at Warwick Forest.

Job Summary: Provides wide range of general receptionist, clerical and administrative duties for the marketing and sales department as well as community outreach and event planning and coordination. This individual is responsible for engaging prospects at networking events and encouraging them to meet with a sales advisor. They are often the very first point of contact for those wanting to learn more about Warwick Forest and make the first impression. Responsibilities include providing general customer service to clients via phone, internet and in person, scheduling customer appointments with sales advisors, scheduling meetings, and planning and orchestrating marketing events with fellow team members. This individual may do some occasional public speaking and must have the ability to think on their feet and problem solve.

Education: Bachelors Degree in Marketing, Communications or related field preferred.

Experience: 2-5 years working in a marketing/sales role preferred. Proficient with Microsoft office suite and office and presentation software.

Hours: Monday-Friday; 8:30am-5:00pm.