RN Extern




Labor Pool

M-F, days

Job Summary: This position provides an opportunity for RN Students to enhance their skills as they complete their course requirements and transition to RN Applicant/Registered Nurse, and to facilitate RN retention and recruitment. Treats patients and their families with respect and dignity. Understanding of psychosocial, cultural, ethnic and religious/spiritual needs of patients and family. Adheres to established hospital and departmental policies and procedures, objectives, performance improvement programs, safety, environmental and infection control standards. Works under the direct supervision of the RN Preceptor assigned to them, as well as the Nurse Manager and the Director of Nursing. With their RN Preceptor, the RN Extern II is responsible for the assessment, planning,implementing, and evaluating the total nursing care of assigned patients. All of the following must be done with the direct supervision of the RN Preceptor. All must be validated by the RN Preceptor assigned to the RN Extern.Demonstrates knowledge of principles of growth and development over the life span and the skills necessary to provide age appropriate care to the patients served.To provide direct patient care under the mentorship of the Registered Nurse who will serve as a direct preceptor. Communicates patient care information and organizational issues via verbal and written documentation with the RN preceptor and the health care team.Demonstrates critical thinking skills in analyzing patient care data and resolving patient care problems under the guidance of the RN preceptor.Demonstrates an ability to be flexible, organized and functional under stressful situations. Supports the utilization of an interdisciplinary approach to the management of pain in order to eliminate or minimize pain. With the RN preceptor does initial patient assessment and collects and documents data pertaining to patient history, conditions, treatments, and responses.   Reacts to change productively and performs other duties and job related tasks working directly with the RN preceptor.With the RN preceptor identify a staff clinical education need and prepare an inservice for unit staff to address the needs. Participates in other unit educational programs.Complies with accepted ethical and standards of nursing practice. Enhances growth and development through participation in educational programs, current literature, inservice meetings and workshops; shows responsibility for own standards of practice and ongoing education. Maintains a good working relationship both within the department and other departments.Maintain patient's dignity and confidentiality.Demonstrates personal and professional behavior that contributes constructively and positively to the mission of team building as it directly relates to the continuing improvement of direct and indirect patient care.Demonstrates a customer service behavior that is positive, friendly, helpful and courteous to both the public and to all fellow workers.Does not arrive late to work (more than 5 minutes past the start of the shift), and maintains an attendance record which is within the standards required by Shore Health Services, Inc. (NOTE: Problem absenteeism is defined as 7 or more instances of excused or unexcused absence within any 12 month period. An instance of absence may be 1 or more consecutive days of lost work time for the same reason. Patterns of absence may also be indicative of problematic attendance). Provides total patient care *under the direct supervision and guidance of the RN Preceptor to include: a. Dressing changes (uncomplicated)b. obtain EKGs c. O2 application (cannula, mask)d. Oral suctioning e. Foley insertion and removal of Foley catheter f.Hanging/Starting IV fluids without additives and the removal of IV locks g. Application of equipment SCDs h. Monitoring IVs for infiltration and flushing with Normal Saline i. Add tube feeding; check tube feeding for residual j.Assisting with patient care procedures k. NG Tube removal l. Obtaining blood glucose and use of glucometer m. Documents in record with RN Preceptor cosigning.

Educational Requirements: Must be enrolled in the Summer Semester of their Final (Senior) Year of their Associate's Degree Program, or their Junior or Senior year of their Baccalaureate Program.

Application process for RN Extern II Preceptor Program:
1. Complete Riverside Health System application for RN Extern II as defined by the Affiliation Agreement of the Nursing School involved.
2. Identify unit of interest.
3. Interview with Nurse Manager/Director for position. (Must recommendation from at least one instructor.)
4. Must fulfill any requirement set forth by Riverside or Affiliation Agreement.

Certification/Licensure Requirements: CPR is required at time of hire.