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Security & Safety Manager
Department: Security and Safety
Status: Full-time
Shift: Monday - Friday
Hours: 8:30 am - 5:00 pm
Job Details: Associate's degree or Police Academy graduate with five years experience in law enforcement. Must be able to pass all SLED requirements including qualifying for SLED designated site supervisor and all Self Regional healthcare requirements.  Maintains a valid unrestricted SC driver's license with no pending or history within prior 10 years of DUI or reckless driving violations. Meets criteria established by SRH fleet insurance carrier to be qualified vehicle operator.  Evidence of 3-5 years supervisory experience in law enforcement, corrections or security related field; healthcare environment preferred.  Excellent interpersonal skills.  Knowledge in computer/data systems.  Proven experience in security assessment activities and data base maintenance assessment. Two years experience in firearms.  Ability to provide appropriate training experience to staff for license requirements.

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