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Opened as Mary's Help Hospital in 1912, Seton Medical Center, a 357 licensed bed facility serves the highly diverse 1.5 million residents of San Francisco and San Mateo counties with a comprehensive range of inpatient and outpatient services. Its sister hospital is Seton Coastside, a 116-bed skilled nursing facility located in the coastal town of Moss Beach. Seton Coastside offers the only 24-hour Standby Emergency Department along the 55-mile coastal stretch between Daly City and Santa Cruz.



The Staff Pharmacists are providers of pharmaceutical care and are concerned with the outcomes of their services and not just the provision of these services. These include leadership and practice management, drug information and education, activities to ensure rational medication therapy, drug distribution and control, maintaining a professional workspace, and participation in drug therapy research.



·         Inputs physicians orders accurately and promptly onto the patient's drug profile to maintain workload and workflow.

·         Reviews the order for appropriateness of therapy against the patient's profile, noting and discerning all pertinent information for pharmacy (indication, dose, route, frequency, duration, contraindications, warnings, restrictions, drug allergies, drug-drug, drug-food interactions, drug-disease interactions) and takes appropriate actions to prevent related adverse events.

·         Checks for and enforces adherence to the hospital drug formulary and other restrictions as established by the P&T Committee or policies and procedures; uses good judgment in the procurement of non-formulary items, e.g. cost, timeliness

·         Contacts physicians, nursing staff or other health care personnel regarding any recommended change in orders, in a courteous and professional manner and provides safe, effective, and cost-containing recommendations and drug information.

·         Updates the patient's profile accurately with pertinent patient-specific information, e.g., allergy, weight, height, diagnosis, special instructions, etc.; ensures that the patient's profile is accurate with important information such as room number, account number, and medical record number.

·         Fills and labels medications accurately, consistently and in a timely manner to maintain workload and workflow.

·         Demonstrates/ensures proper aseptic and protective safety techniques in preparing IV, TPN and chemotherapy products; ensures IV, TPN and chemotherapy medications are prepared in compatible solutions, correct concentrations, etc.

·         Keeps accurate perpetual inventory of Schedule II Controlled Substance when adding to the inventory, signing out inventory, and returning or destroying controlled substances.

·         Determines and fills the appropriate quantities of controlled substances for each nursing unit.

·         Screens each nursing unit's controlled substances record sheet for signatures and other pertinent information and takes appropriate measures or investigative steps to assist in resolving narcotic discrepancies.

·         Uses judgment and follows policies and procedures in the dispensing of discharge medications and other outpatient prescriptions and provide patient counseling in a clear, easy to understand manner, if needed.

·         Ensure  Ensures the use of Medi-Cal approved formulary drugs for the treatment of patients in the Subacute Unit and Coastside; collects and reports needed information for the submission TARs to cover non-Medi-Cal drugs.  

·         Ensures that the medication needs of Coastside (SNF, acute, ER, Pyxis) are met on a timely basis and during emergency off-hours (evenings, nights and weekends) according to policies and procedures.

·         Ensures that home care orders are processed and dispensed accordingly; ensures orders are covered by third party payers before dispensing products.

·         Maintains an adequate inventory level of all drugs, including narcotics, and communicates with the buyer on routine and special procurement needs.

·         Uses good judgment and follows polices and procedures when loaning and borrowing medications.

·         Ensures that medications are stored properly, rotates stock and checks for expiration dates.

·         Demonstrates accuracy and proficiency in the use of the inpatient pharmacy computer system (Megasource).

·         Demonstrates accuracy and proficiency in the use of the automated dispensing system (Pyxis).

·         Demonstrates accuracy and proficiency in the use of the outpatient pharmacy computer system (QS1)   .

·         Demonstrates accuracy and proficiency in the use of the parenteral nutrition computer program (TPN-Plus) and the parenteral nutrition automated compounder (Nutrimix)

·         Maintains current knowledge on and demonstration of changes, new features, upgrades, interfaces, etc. of the above systems as it relates to pharmacy practice and operations.

·         Demonstrates good judgment and follows policies and procedures in trouble-shooting and investigating problems such as downtime, corrupt data, hardware and software failure, etc. of all computerized systems.

·         Maintains current knowledge of key programs related to quality issues.

·         Participates in and completes departmental quality assurance programs, QA/PI activities, task force, etc. as assigned

·         Maintains a professional, enthusiastic and responsible manner in the provision of all clinical services.

·         Demonstrates consistency, accuracy, competency, relevance and timeliness when providing safe and effective clinical recommendations for appropriate drug of choice, dosing, drug interactions, contraindications, etc.

·         Demonstrates consistency, accuracy, competency, relevance and timeliness when providing drug information to patients or health care professionals.

·         Provides drug in-services to nurses and other health professionals in an organized, concise manner.

·         Participates in drug use evaluations, studies and audits.

·         Reports and investigates adverse drug reactions according to policies and procedures.

·         Contributes to the pharmacy newsletter at least once in the past 2 years.

·         Maintains complete, accurate and timely documentation of clinically related activities according to policies and procedures, e.g. interventions binder, logs, etc.

·         Demonstrates competency and efficiency in the execution of the Pharmacokinetic Service.

·         Demonstrates competency and efficiency in the execution of the Anti-Infective Management Program.

·         Demonstrates competency and efficiency in the monitoring and management of parenteral nutrition patients

·         Communicates with other pharmacists, written and oral, regarding important patient care issues to maintain consistency and quality of clinical services.

·         Maintains current clinical expertise which reflects practice at Seton/Seton Coastside.

·         Prioritizes workload (dispensing and clinical) and performs duties in a timely and proficient manner to meet the needs of the department and maintain adequate workflow.

·         Follows up on pending problems or issues; tends to all areas of the department (inpatient, Coastside, home care, clinical, Pyxis, etc.) when on duty.

·         Directs work flow and personnel in an effective and professional manner to maintain productivity.        

·         Supervises and checks the activities of technicians, interns, volunteers and trainees to assure accurate and proficient completion of assigned tasks.       

·         Counsels staff in a courteous and effective manner when necessary.

·         Communicates areas of concern to the Director of Pharmacy.

·         Discusses and contributes ideas and solutions for problems, issues or other developments pertaining to the operation of the pharmacy.

·         Ensures order and cleanliness in the pharmacy.

·         Completes duties as assigned in a timely manner and according to predetermined criteria




·         B.S. Pharmacy

·         M.S. Pharmacy, or Pharm. D. preferred

Work Experience:

·         Minimum of two (2) years hospital pharmacy experience and/or residency training preferred

·         2 – 5 years acute care experience

·         Strong clinical skills

·         Competency in pharmacokinetics, TPN monitoring, clinical interventions and pharmacy automation

Other Skills, Abilities & Knowledge:

·         Excellent written and verbal communication skills

·         Computer literate

·         Proficient with computer systems including but not limited to MS Office