Addictions Specialist (Partners in Recovery)



Mosaic Community Services, Baltimore City Partners in Recove
2225 North Charles Baltimore, MD 21218

Full Time (benefits eligible)

Day Shift


Associate's Degree

Contact: Bridgett Tanner
Email: bridgett.tanner@mosaicinc.org

5 years of experience required


  • Responsible for screening, assessment, referral and the follow-up of all Temporary Cash Assistance (TCA) applicants, TCA Re-determinations and TCA customers who self-refer for substance abuse problems, as well as, for the Food Stamp Drug Felons, located at the Baltimore City Department of Social Services, under the House Bill 1160 Welfare Innovation Act of 2000. The Addictions Specialist position requires professional certification by the Board of Professional Counselors and Therapists.
  • The focus of Senate Bill-512 Children in Need of Assistance-Drug Addicted Babies Initiative is to assess the birth mother and father for drug use/abuse. To identify newborns that are born with a positive toxicology screen for all illicit substance. The addictions specialists are responsible for follow-ups, assessments and referring customers to the appropriate level of treatment. The assessments are conducted at the birthing hospitals, during home visit, and on site at the local Department of Social Services. The Addictions Specialist position requires professional certification by the Board for Professional Counselors and Therapists. Specialist could float between three Social Services/Health Department locations: one day in Baltimore City; three days in Baltimore County; and one day in Howard County.
  • The focus of House Bill-7 Integration Child Welfare Initiative is to assess individuals and family members that are identified in the child welfare system that have a substance abuse problem. The addiction specialists are responsible for follow-ups, assessments and referring customers to the appropriate level of treatment. The assessments are conducted on site at the Local Department of Social Service located at 1900 N. Howard Street and 3007 E. Biddle Street. The Addictions Specialist position requires professional certification by the Board for Professional Counselors and Therapists.


  • On-site the Addictions Specialist will be able to:
    • Identify, through substance abuse screenings or through a referral for urinalysis, TCA, Food Stamp Drug Felons, and Mothers and Fathers who have been identified by DSS Caseworkers, Supervisors, and Hospital Social Workers at time of delivery as suspected of illicit drugs use and or abuse.
    • Assess and/or refer to treatment TCA customers and Food Stamp Drug Felons identified as having a substance abuse problem.
    • Obtain consent for the release of confidential information from the customer referred to treatment or already enrolled in treatment.
    • Refer the customer to the appropriate treatment program using the American Society of Addiction Medicine Patient Placement Criteria (ASAM-PPC-2R).
    • Schedule an appointment for the customer for admission to the available treatment program.
    • Send the release of information to the treatment provider chosen.
    • Provide follow-up to determine the customer's status and/or compliance with the substance abuse treatment.
    • Communicate the customers' compliance status information to the DSS case managers.
    • Complete and update a daily screening roster of the customers' status.
    • Collect, compile and complete a monthly report of customers screened each month.
    • Combine and complete a monthly team report. 
    • Follow-up with customers in treatment on their third, fourteenth, thirtieth days, and thereafter, on a monthly basis.
    • Communicate the compliance data of the customers in treatment to their DSS case manager.
    • Conduct home and hospital visits of mother whose newborn has been identified with a positive toxicology screen for illicit substance and are considered to be at high risk for child abuse or neglect. 
    • Collaborate with the Family Recovery Program case managers in the event the customers are engaged through the court system.
    • Administer the Statewide Maryland Automated Record Tracking System/Treatment Assignment Protocol (SMART-TAP) to assess the customers to gather pertinent information at time of assessment.
    • Attend training, educational seminars, DSS in-services, meetings and conduct presentations.
  • Program Planning and Evaluation:
    • In collaboration with the Addictions Specialist Supervisor, plans and develops ways to remain flexible in order to continue to work with and within the Department of Social Services, which in turn, complements the continuum of services and supports the organization's mission. 
    • Responsible for the communication of problems to the Supervisor that may arise within this system.
  • Program Management: Responsible for the daily screening and/or assessment the Temporary Cash Assistance and Food Stamp Drug Felon customers. To act as a liaison between the substance abuse treatment providers and the DSS Family Investment Centers to assure that all forms and procedures flow properly. To ensure compliance with substance abuse testing and treatment.
  • Staff Supervision: Addictions Specialists are to report directly to their assigned Addictions Specialist Program Supervisor. 
  • Documentation/Compliance: Responsible for the implementation of the program's practices, compliance with record-keeping standards, and with the requirements of licensing, regulatory and accreditation bodies and internal standards.


  • Thorough knowledge of state and federal laws pertaining to alcohol and drug treatment practices as well as community addictions services. 
  • Knowledge of and experience with the various assessment tools and client placement criteria using ASAM criteria.
  • Knowledge of the state treatment providers and their admissions requirements.
  • Ability to follow program procedures.
  • Ability to demonstrate excellent written and oral communication skills.
  • Must possess current certification as a Certified Supervised Counselor or a Certified Associate Counselor from the Maryland Board of Professional Counselors and Therapists. A minimum of an Associates of Arts degree, along with 5 years experience in counseling, psychology, social work, or related field from an accredited educational institution; and least five years of documented experience in substance abuse treatment experience.
  • Ability to be a team player.
  • Ability to work in a BCDSS office and with the general public.
  • Ability to be culturally sensitive to the customers applying for and receiving assistance.
  • Must be computer literate.