Care Specialist -Montgomery Station Day Program



Family Services, Inc.

Full Time (benefits eligible)

Day Shift

Bachelor's Degree preferred

Contact: Tricia Forchetti
Email: TForchetti@waystationinc.org

As a Care Specialist, you will:

·       Provide rehabilitation and support to individuals to develop and enhance community and independent living skills. This includes: group facilitation, individual meetings, outings, and medication monitoring, onsite at day program and/or off-site with residential or outreach clients.

·       Assist in securing entitlement

·       Transport patients to appointments as deemed appropriate by counselor or supervisor

·       Coordinate services with consumer's other providers (psychiatrist, therapist, etc.) by effectively and professionally communicating clinical matters on a monthly basis.

·       Identify consumer's needs and link consumer with community services 

·       With guidance from supervisor, develop and implement rehabilitative activities/groups/training/support related to consumer's needs based on IRP goals. May include, but not limited to: rehabilitation coordination, self-care skills, social skills, independent living skills, medication monitoring, health promotion, crisis intervention, supportive employment skills, as assigned by supervisor, on a rotating basis, carry the beeper and respond to crisis calls

·       Prepare and monitor Individual Rehabilitation Plan (IRP) and maintain accurate, up-to-date records/documentation. Also provide addendum as needed.

·       With guidance from supervisor, provide crisis support/intervention and facilitate appropriate utilization of community support system (i.e. Crisis Center)

·       Prepare reports and documentation as required in a thorough and timely manner.  Residential Care Specialists responsible for utilizing 50% of their regular shift towards providing billable services.

·       Provide medication monitoring onsite or offsite as assigned by Team Leader or Manager.

·       Assist in orientating and training new admissions and new staff to Montgomery Station PRP and RRP.

·       Provide transportation for consumers when deemed necessary for meeting consumer's needs.  Transportation may be provided in Montgomery Station vans if available, or by use of counselor's vehicle.

·       Secure and maintain equipment/supplies and inventory lists.

·       Accurately report to supervisor and peers issues related to client progress, program needs, and issues related to the counselor successfully completing job duties.

·       Attend provider meetings as a part of the Montgomery Station treatment team and represent Montgomery Station in a professional manner.

·       Provide coverage on assigned holidays through the year. Each Care Specialist is assigned at least one holiday to provide medication coverage.  Some Specialist depending on seniority will work two holiday shifts.  Each shift is one medication run.

·       Carry the on-call crisis phone or find coverage.  Each Care Specialist must carry the phone at least one time before finding coverage for other assigned shifts.

·       Monitor health and safety in the homes.  Responsible for addressing immediate health/safety concerns and reporting cleanliness issues to supervisor.  Residential Care Specialists responsible for light cleaning on a daily basis.

·       Performs other duties as assigned by supervisors.




·       Maintain the ability to establish rapport and assist clients to identify his/her own needs

·       High school Diploma required. BA/BS in Human Service and/or related work experience preferred. 

·       Additional certifications/trainings required (or provided during orientation, or shortly thereafter)

·       CPR/First Aid, Infection Control, Food Safety and Handling, and Crisis Intervention/Suicidal Protocol. 

·       A current, valid driver's license

·       Proof of auto insurance (which meets minimum MD state requirements)

·       A current driving record with 3 points or less are required for transporting consumers, either in agency vans or a personal vehicle.