Category: Service & Trade Schedule: Full-time
Facility: Saint Anne's Hospital Shift: Evening Shift
Department: SAH Med Surg Supplies Hours: 3:00pm-11:30pm
Req Number: 43716 Union: No
Job Details:
Job Summary: The Central Service Tech receives sorts, distributes, cleans, assemble, sterilizes, and stores procedure trays, instruments, equipment, and supplies according to prescribed procedures. This position completes requests to dispense equipment and supplies, monitors location of patient equipment, inventories and restocks various supply carts, and processes patient charges and credits. 

  • Demonstrates ability to troubleshoot minor equipment problems. 
  • Wears protective attire when processing soiled items. 
  • Follows procedures for cleaning and decontaminating equipment and instruments. 
  • Keeps area uncluttered and maintains flow of items through area, with back-ups limited to the capacity of the equipment. 
  • Empties and cleans sonic cleaner, OR bins, and sinks as needed at end of shift. 
  • Decontaminates transport cart after each use. 
  • Operates and loads sonic and washer/decontaminator according to directions. 
  • Checks detergent levels of washers daily. 
  • Reviews policies and procedures annually. 
  • Notifies supervisor or charge person to need of supplies, service, or other potential problems. 
  • Identifies and transfers inoperable equipment to designate for repair; notifies supervisor, BioMed or maintenance. 
  • Makes scheduled and stat rounds to the OR to collect soiled instruments. 
  • Maintains safe work environment. 
  • Maintains adequate levels of supplies. 
  • Demonstrates good judgment in setting priorities. 
  • Uses efficient assembly techniques to increase speed of processing. 
  • Inspects instruments for cleanliness and proper working order. 
  • Identifies infrequently used instruments or uses department aides when in doubt. 
  • Wraps or packages articles according to procedures. 
  • Labels and initials all work. 
  • Inspects linen wraps for holes, lint, or other foreign matter, prior to wrapping instrument trays. 
  • Includes a chemical indicator with every article to be sterilized. 
  • Assembles sets accurately, using the reference card or picture book. 
  • Loads sterilizer according to procedure. 
  • Identifies all items in load and records information correctly and legibly on the quality control form. 
  • Performs daily air removal test and records results. 
  • Performs biological test and records results. 
  • Performs biological test, daily, in steam and in every load in ETO sterilizer. 
  • Checks biological indicators in incubator first thing in the morning and as needed during the day. 
  • Notifies supervisor or charge person of any change to indicate a positive result or absence of documentation results. 
  • Checks sterilizer chart at the end of each cycle to ensure proper time and temperature has been achieved. 
  • Sets label gun accurately for every sterilization load. 
  • Adheres to safety rules when operating equipment. 
  • Operates sterilization equipment, including steam and Ethylene Oxide. 
  • Initials chart, indicating sterilizer met appropriate time and temperature. 
  • Sets sterilizer controls for appropriate time and temperature according to material being sterilized. 
  • Assigns priority to emergency requests. 
  • Identifies instruments needed by the O.R., utilizing physician's reference sheets. 
  • Visually checks sterilizer gauges and charts at least once during each cycle. 
  • Stocks carts promptly upon return to department. 
  • Records departmental charges. 
  • Has supplies ready for pickup when notified in advance. 
  • Resolves patient charges and credits. 
  • Rotates stock when replenishing supplies. 
  • Checks integrity of packages prior to dispensing to user departments. 
  • Adheres to pre-established par levels when replenishing stock. 
  • Identifies location of patient care equipment dispensed from central supply. 
  • Makes daily rounds on all patient care units to collect instruments and patient care equipment. 

High School diploma or equivalent. 
Complete knowledge of aseptic technique, sterilization techniques, operation of steam and Sterrad Sterilizers and procedures. 
Knowledge of Infection Control principles, workflow patterns and requirements, equipment and supply processing. 
Ability to demonstrate responsible judgment to provide necessary supplies and equipment for patient care. 
CRCST preferred

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